The Right Time is Now: Why making a splash with promotional products may be your best investment right now

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With the economy slowly awakening from its year-long slumber most small businesses are struggling to make smart advertising decisions. Money is still tight but a savvy entrepreneur knows that if you don’t stay aggressive your competitors most likely will. Promotional products are a good bet right now to keep your business top-of-mind while holding down expenses.

As Director of Sales and Public Relations for Amsterdam Printing, I’ve been speaking with customers of late who are now starting to re-think their “Zero Spending” posture. The economy seems to be on the upswing and some companies are second guessing the complete elimination of their traditional customer holiday gifts. Their decisions now seem to revolve around what promotional products will get them the most bang for the buck. That’s a great sign. Some of our customers in the past may have settled for ordering the “same old, same old” for each event or promotion. I am hearing a refreshing call recently for unique, memorable and personalized products of all types in addition to the more traditional selection of promotional pens and wall calendars.

I believe I know why. Years ago, when I was a sales rep on the road, buyers would sometimes only grant me a very quick appointment to show my wares. I learned the hard way that when you don’t have an abundance of time you at least have to be memorable. Today, small business owners are adopting a similar philosophy. With limited budgets they are exploring new products to break through and get noticed.

What decisions have you made regarding your promotional product investment? I hope that you make a splash when it’s your time to jump back into the pool.

By Steve Benidt, Director of Sales and Public Relations at Amsterdam Printing

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