Success Story: Easy Stick Calendars

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It’s always nice to hear a customer success story.  In the promotional products industry, the end user of the product is not usually the person who purchases it, but who ultimately receives it.  For example, just recently I was talking to an Amsterdam Printing customer (it just so happens to also be my husband) and he asked me if he could order more Easy Stick Calendars.  Apparently, all of his customers have been asking for them!  They get excited every year to receive Mark’s EZ Sticks.  It’s amazing how far a $1.07 Easy Stick Calendar goes.  Mark’s customers truly appreciate it!   He purchased 200 and they are already gone.  He is not only getting repeat customers, but promoting his business 365 days a year.

Easy Stick Promotional Calendar
Easy Stick Calendars

There’s nothing better than a smiling customer – for us and for Mark’s Automotive.   Share your success stories.  What promotions work best for your business?

By Jyll Carota

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