Google Buzz and Small Businesses

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Social media presence seems to be crucial in today’s world. There are so many ways to stay in touch with your customers—through company blogs, email newsletters, Twitter, Facebook fan pages, even YouTube. Generating buzz online is increasingly harder to do and if you’re on Facebook, you’re competing with thousands of world-known brands your customers use everyday and may choose to be a “fan” of.  Clutter becomes a bigger issue and social networking websites are applying filters to only serve fresh, interesting, relevant, and popular content. You might have heard before, that content is a king — if you’re adding value to your customers, they will follow and engage with your store or brand.

So, What’s the Buzz About?

Google introduced Google Buzz last week, as an add-on to Gmail and a web-app for iPhone and Android-based phones. It is similar to Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare combined, since it uses (and posts) your current location whenever you ‘buzz.’

What are the Advantages of the Google Buzz?

Your Buzz stream can be connected to a Twitter account, Google Reader, Flickr, or Picasa, which will keep your profile up-to-date without any extra effort. Google Buzz has a powerful preview of the images; people can “like” or comment on your posts; if you have a popular & relevant post, it will keep coming back to the top of the stream. Most importantly for the small businesses, Google Buzz is location-based.

Importance of Location

If you are a small business, you want to be visible in your neighborhood. You might have tried Twitter, but failed to establish local customer following. With Buzz, whenever you post from a mobile device, it automatically attaches your location (your business location). You can go and see what’s going on “Nearby” – and you’ll see a list of all nearby posts. With the local visibility, you can:

  • Establish local following
  • Announce a sale or a special
  • Post customer testimonials
  • Post relevant information about your products
  • Post a photo/video/link

With Buzz,

  • Restaurants can buzz about lunch specials, soup of the day, or new menu items – all with the pictures!
  • Florists can buzz about getting seasonal flowers or specials – with the pictures!
  • Auto Mechanics can buzz about instant discounts when it’s slow.
  • Jewelers can buzz out pictures of the new jewelry pieces or educational videos.
  • Hotels can buzz about low nightly rates when the hotel has empty rooms.

How to Get Started

  1. Get a email address, which is the same as your domain/company name, i.e. That way, your Google Profile will be
  2. Create a Google Profile and fill it up with information at or just click on the Buzz link within Gmail
  3. Upload your image, choose the name (put your business name under First and Last Names), and start buzzing!

Tips on Using Google Buzz

  • From a mobile phone, go to to include your location
  • Use *stars* to bold a word; _underscores_ to italicize; and -dashes- to strike-through – i.e. “These flowers are now $27 $17!”
  • To see nearby buzzes from a desktop computer, go to (thanks to @BuzzUsers)

Our Account:’s Google Buzz

We’ve setup Amsterdam Printing’s Buzz account – please check it out. Remember that it is a learning experience so far and it’s up to all of us to decide how to use Google Buzz in the future. Buzz on!

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