American Idol Contestants Building Their Brand Week After Week

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American Idol

One of my guilty pleasures (and frankly, I think all of America’s) is Fox’s American Idol.  Watching week after week contestants putting their talents out there for all of America to vote on for some reason just keeps me on the edge of my seat.  I know, I know… I should get a life.  But it can be a great bonding experience to rehash the performances at the “water cooler” on Wednesday mornings with coworkers.  We talk about who might get voted off next and who will make it to the end.  Everyone I know either loves or hates the show, but everyone, I mean everyone, knows what it is.  American Idol has spread their brand across the country.  One of the most interesting things I’ve noticed this season is that contestants are starting to build their own brands.  Their supporters have been walking advertisements for the contestants by  wearing professionally printed custom t-shirts, custom signs and other items.  It’s amazing the reach that promotional products have for these contestants… every house in America watching this show sees their name and their face.  So, as American Idol continues to build their brand, and contestants on the show build theirs… how are you building yours?  What products are you using to reach out to customers and prospects?

—By Allison Rice

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