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ASI ShowI walked the Ad Specialty Institute (ASI) Tradeshow in New York City earlier this week and discovered a variety of products that help promote businesses.  I saw everything from beach balls, stuffed monkeys, and bus shaped stress relievers to hats, water bottles, and pens.

The most memorable thing at the show was the idea of “total branding” for a business.  The idea of the total branding package is to combine multiple promotional products into a coordinated marketing effort.  This particular package contained a personalized water bottle, a business card, and a digitally printed box to package the items in.  The box, business card, and water bottle had a similar message on them.  The intriguing part to me was the coordinated effort and presentation – it was professional, useful, and memorable.  If I were to receive that as a “Thank You” gift from someone I do business with (e.g., a real estate agent), I would be thoroughly impressed.  I would remember the message and tell my friends about it.

Making an impact is essential when using promotional products.  There are many promotional items to choose from and it is not always easy to find the right product for your audience.  You must always keep in mind the audience you are targeting and the message that you want to send.  If you make an impact like the “total branding” package had on me, you will forever be remembered.

– By Jyll Carota

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