There Are No Such Things As Free Personalized Mugs

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A few days ago, we invited some of our colleagues to try out our updated Design Studio for creating personalized mugs (we promised them we’d print one for free).  We use a digital process to personalize mugs, so, within an imprint area, anything goes:

  • Full-color wrap imprint (stock or upload your own)
  • Logo or a mascot
  • Photo, custom art, etc.

Real Goal: Usability of Our Design Studio

In reality, we observed our colleagues using the Design Studio, asked questions, & collected feedback…. We got lots of comments to improve our Design Studio even further!

I have to say, some people worked pretty hard for their free mug :)

Feedback collected for Full Color Design Studio
Feedback Sheet

What did our employees put on their mugs?  Check out the pictures below!

Personalized Mugs - Amsterdam Printing Personalized Mugs Personalized Full-color Mugs

Continuous Improvement

We strive to make our Design Studio as straight-forward a tool as possible.  If you have used the new studio, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments!  What did you like?  What would you improve?  How did the mug turn out? Click below to go straight to the Mug Design Studio:

Personalized Mugs: Go to Design Studio
Personalized Mugs: Go to Design Studio
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