12 Awesome Coffee Mugs That Will Make You Say “I Want One!”

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Here you go – a list of 12 awesome mugs to enjoy:

1. Mood Mugs.

Mood Mugs

We all have our good and bad days. Didn’t get much sleep after doing budgets all night or struggling from a “Case of the Mondays?”  There hasn’t been a better way to let everyone around the office know! [Source]

2. Zipper Tea Cups.

Designed specifically to hold a tea bag string, these zipper cups are sure to be “your cup of tea” and will bring more fun in your daily routine. [Source]

Zipper Tea Cups

3. Pantone Mugs.

If you’re into design and printing, you gonna love these pantone mugs. “Pantone” is a system for matching colors – so instead of carrying around a color palette book, you can roll around with a cool mug to check if a new brochure matches your corporate colors! [Source]

Pantone Mugs

4. Camera Lens Mug.

If you’re into photography, this $24 lens mug is a cool accessory for an SLR camera. Next time they ask you “What size,” forget the usual “venti” or “grande” and just say “24-105mm.” [Source]

Camera Lens Mug

5. Face Mug.

This face mug will gladly keep your donuts or cookies close to your drink without taking a bite. Perfect for the office — where you know it is always a problem to find a plate. [Source]

Face mug

6. Mustache Mugs.

Turn your ordinary mug into a masquerade! Guys, you now can try out different mustaches and decide which one gets the best approval rating. Mugs designed by Peter Ibruegger.

Moustache Mugs


7. Edible Mug.

This eco-friendly mug, designed by Enrique Luis Sardi for Lavazza is made completely out of pastry, covered with a special icing sugar — serving as an insulator and making it water-, soda-, or coffee-proof. Enjoy your favorite beverage and then eat the mug!

Edible LavAzza mug


8. Pessimist’s mug.

This mug, available on Despair.com, is a sure way to show the world who you really are. Is it “half-full” or “half-empty?” This mug has an answer.

Pessimist's Mug


9. Heart Mugs.

For the romantics out there, this mug will show your love for your partner (or caffeine). The more you drink, the more defined heart shape you get. [Source]

Heart Mugs


10. “@”-Mark Mug.

Designed by Art Lebedev Studio, this “@”-mark mug  is just a cool way to tell everyone you spend most of the time online [and LOVE replying to emails!]. [Source]

At-mark mug

11. ‘Skase’ Cup.

This mug by Steve Watson was nominated for ‘100 Most Beautiful Objects in the World 2010’ (by Pulchra.org) and based on the idea of symbiosis: “A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member.”

Skase Tea Cups


12. Music Mug!

Yes, that’s right–you can enjoy your favorite music AND a beverage at the same time. A small speaker installed at the bottom of this cup will produce some visible sound waves in your drink. Touch controls for playback & music volume. [Source]

Music Mug


13. Bonus: Personalized mugs.

As a promotional products company we have to say — the mugs listed above are really cool and innovative, but sometimes it’s what’s on the mug that counts. This promotional coffee mug sure makes Michael feel great — and it doesn’t have any bells and whistles, just a simple, heart-warming message:

World's Best Boss mug - The Office

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  1. I love your mugs! Do you guys offer anything for charity? I am gathering items for gift baskets to the local nursing home and to some families here locally. If you can help with any items the help would be greatly appreciated.

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