7 Great Ideas for Mail Inserts to Retain & Get New Customers

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When you send mailings from your business or organization, whether it is a direct mail campaign or an order, one of your goals should be to make a lasting impact on your customers. An easy way to do this is through unforgettable mail inserts – special gifts or correspondences inserted into each envelope or package. To help you start thinking, we have a few suggestions:

1. Magnets

Add customized magnets to your mailings! Compact & lightweight to ship, magnets from heart-shaped to rectangular are useful promotions that can be used for years to come. Send “Save-the-Date” magnets to announce your grand opening or secret sale.  These are inexpensive reminders of your business, which usually end up on customers’ fridges.

Custom magnets

2. Raffles or Contests

Get your customers involved!  Send instructions on how to enter a contest or be entered into a raffle drawing.  For instance, you can send an insert outlining a contest to win $100 for sharing a photo or a story using your product/service.  This type of contest gets your customers involved, while providing you with great photos/stories for you to use in future advertising.  Try raffle tickets!  Insert unique raffle tickets into each mailing encouraging customers to call or go online to see if they have won.  Entice customers by offering a free gift for every response.

Raffle Tickets

Photo credit: flickr user alykat

3. Calendars

Inserting calendars into your mailings will surely catch their attention!  From weekly to monthly to wall calendars, every calendar can be used on a daily basis.  Customers can put pocket calendars in their purses or briefcases for easy scheduling on-the-go.  Try calendar magnets!  Calendar magnets are perfect for the office or home as a quick, year-at-a-glance.

Custom Calendars

4. Business-Specific Gifts

These useful gifts are sure to impress!  Promote your floral business or garden shop with unique, foldable vases.  They can be personalized and easily fold flat to fit in envelopes for distribution. Have a beauty salon or cosmetics store?  Try inserting custom nail files into your mailings!  Add your name and logo to each nail file for a fun way to advertise.

Custom Foldable Vase for Floral Shops
Personalized Foldable Vases start at $2.49 ea.

5. Coupons

Send special coupons!  Try giving a percentage discount or offer buy-one-get-one-free on store merchandise.  These coupons will encourage customers to take action – to buy your product or service.

Promotional Coupons

6. Wristbands

Send a message that people can wear!  Promote your foundation or your special event with wristbands!  Here are some popular messages to try:  “Support Breast Cancer Awareness” on a pink wristband, “Support Our Troops” on a yellow one or “Never Forget 9-11-01” on a red, white and blue one.  These are fun and easy ways to spread the word.

Custom Wristbands

7. Stickers

Stickers can be the cheapest branded alternative to all of the above. How many times have you seen a sticker of the famous Apple® logo on people’s cars, walls, doors, etc.? Apple includes it with most of their products! Create a cool sticker with your business info and let customers decide where they’ll promote you.


Inserting special gifts or correspondences into each mailing is a great way to keep your business or organization in the forefront.  The more attention-grabbing the mailing, the longer the impact it will have on each customer.  This will keep your business or organization in customers’ minds each time they are in need of your product or service.  So, be creative and see what works for you!

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