Corporate Promotional Products – Now Search by Color!

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Over the course of the year Steve Benidt, our Director of Sales and Public Relations, has visited dozens of our large customers all over the United States.

After spending weeks and weeks on the road and qualifying for more frequent flyer miles, Steve shared a lot of valuable information — specifically, how corporate clients, governmental institutions, and businesses shop for promotional products. He found that one of the most important attributes is the product color: it has to be similar to the corporate / branding colors.

It is not that UPS would never buy a promotional gift that is not brown (they have), but given the choice to browse products by color, customers are sure to take advantage.

We Launched New Product Search!

Last week, we updated our internal search tool to make your experience searching our website much easier.  Now, when you enter a product type (e.g., pens) into the search box we will offer you the option to filter by color!  Take a look at the screen-shot below (click to zoom).

New promotional products search

In addition, you can simply type in the word “blue” to see all of the products that are offered in blue!  Use other handy filters, like minimum quantity requirement, pricing and star rating, to ensure that you find the perfect corporate promotional product!

Give it a try today at and send us your feedback in the comments below!

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