Winter-Proof Promotional Items & Giveaways

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Let’s face it, Autumn is a fantastic season here in upstate New York.  It’s full of colored leaves, crisp air, apple cider and great football.  But before we know it, winter will be here and with it comes heavy jackets, holiday well-wishers and snow – lots and lots of snow!  In fact, by the time February rolls around, most people wish they were laying on a tropical beach and the closest thing they want to come to frozen is the drink in their hand while relaxing on said beach.  For those of us who don’t have the time to get to that tropical paradise, we’re always looking for items during the winter that make the cold and snow a little easier to bear.  Here are some great ideas for winter-proof promotional giveaways that everyone will enjoy.

Winter in upstate New York
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Ceramic Mugs and Travel Mugs

A mug with your company information is always a well-received promotion.  Who doesn’t love mugs?  I can find a reason to use them every day of the year – especially during the winter!  A hot mug of soup or hot cocoa/coffee is the perfect way to warm up on a cold, winter day.   Want to take it a step further?  Try a travel mug.  Not only can you get coffee, hot chocolate or soup in a fun mug, but you can take it anywhere you go!

Ice Scrapers

Have you ever been in a situation where you walk out of a building in the dead of winter, to find that your car has been totally and completely buried in snow? Sure, the snow is pretty to look at but getting your car out of that huge amount of snow is a task and a half.  If you’re anything like me, you clear off your windshield with your hands all the while trying to remember why you never bought that ice scraper that was on sale because it would be really, REALLY helpful right now!

Now imagine if you had a handy, little ice scraper that you got as a free promotional giveaway.  Not only would you be eternally grateful for this little ice scraper, you’d also be more likely to remember the company name and logo that is imprinted on it because this promotional giveaway is something you could use A LOT!

Warm Apparel

While busy digging out your car in the above scenario you’re going to need some warm clothes! Maybe you’ll sport that stylish winter hat, scarf or gloves that you received or how about a comfortable sweatshirt.  These items will be worn to many different places throughout the season.  If it’s your company name on those sweatshirts, hats, scarves or gloves, it’s like having a walking billboard!

There are so many options out there for great winter-proof promotional products.   No matter which product you choose to give away, your customers will be grateful and happy to receive such a gift during the winter season.

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  1. please print the following on my mugs:

    The” world” is really made up of people like you and I
    people who care, who don’t, who succeed and those who try.

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