Halloween Party Ideas & Tips for the Office

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Soon it will be time to begin the Halloween celebration!  Children and adults alike are looking forward to costumes and Halloween parties.  A great time to show off your creative side!


Do you celebrate Halloween with your employees?  It’s a fantastic way to get employees to participate in group activities and have fun doing it!

Party Planning

The key to any party is planning.  Where should the party be? Who should be invited?  What food should be offered? …  There are so many questions to get resolved.  Here are some ideas to consider: 

  • If you’re on a budget, have the party at work (if allowed)!  This saves money & the hassle of organizing another venue.
  • If it’s during office hours, invite all of your employees.  If it’s after hours, invite employees and their significant others.
  • For food, purchase snacks, like candy, chips, salsas/dips, cheeses, crackers & vegetables, and then try catering the main meal – pizza is always a hit!
  • Ask employees to volunteer – bring snacks, organize activities, etc.
  • Purchase decorations & Halloween-themed gifts – decorate your office to make it more festive – hang streamers, place pumpkins and fall flowers on tables, play music, etc.

Party Activities

Make the party fun!  There are so many activities that you can incorporate, even during work hours.

  • Contests
    • Pumpkin-carving
    • Costume (have categories like “Most Creative” or “Scariest”)
    • Pie-eating
  • Games – nice list on this site, including:
    • Bobbing for apples
    • Pin the tail on the donkey
    • Printable games (free online)
    • Karaoke
  • Take Photos!  Photograph costumes and activities to share with customers on Facebook, Twitter and company’s website.  These photos will help customers relate to you and your company.  A fun and unique idea is to have “ghost hunting cameras” at the party.  These disposable cameras will display a ghost in every picture that is developed.

Party Favors

There are so many Halloween party favors to choose from!  A party is not complete without some type of take-home gift.  It could be something as simple as Halloween candy or even a Halloween-themed calendar.  Also, be sure to have gifts available for those who won any of the games or contests, as an extra incentive to play.

Make Trick or Treating Fun & Safe

  • Trick or Treat Bags – hand out these bags to employees for themselves or their children.  You can even fill these with candy & other sweet treats!
 Safe halloween custom bag

  • Safety Gifts – these favors can be used on Halloween night and years to come – flashlights, reflector lights, reflective lanyards, etc.
 Custom flashligh keychains 
  • Money Carriersshoe wallets and money belts keep your money & valuables secure while you’re enjoying the Halloween night

 Show Your Appreciation! 

  • Full-color promotional products – try handing out custom calendars you designed yourself – maybe a Halloween-themed design with a picture of the entire department or a personal message!
  • Personalized coffee mugs & drinkware – these gifts are useful and can be used daily at the office or home.
  • Personalized gift sets – a professional, custom engraved pen and letter slitter set is a great example of a product that employees will appreciate and remember for years to come. 

Party On!

Make the mood light-hearted and fun!   Encourage employees to dress up and show up!   Holiday parties are excellent ways to improve relationships with employees and boost morale.

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