Keeping it Hot, Keeping it Cool with Our New Fashion Accessory – Custom Sunsplash Tumblers

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It’s football season and we’re ready to see the game of the year! We have all gathered in the parking lot. Our anticipation is out of control. We start with our pre-game chants.  We are all yelling, hooting, hollering and celebrating. We start to unpack our treats.

That’s right, we are tailgating!

The grill comes out, the snacks, and the cooler.  Inside the cooler is a variety of beverages – juices, margaritas, beer, water, and wine.  We even brought hot coffee.

Just what I’ve been waiting for!

Then here they come, a beautiful mix of Sunsplash Tumblers… These double-wall acrylic tumblers are the colors of our team! But wait a minute – they also have our team’s name imprinted on them!.. My very own custom tumblers, in the colors of my team and with their name right on the side!

We have the spirit. Oh yeah, we have the spirit!

With these tumblers on hand, we can celebrate this action-packed game. That’s right, my tumblers held the cold margaritas and the hot coffee, too. 

These are an attractive way to advertise in all seasons. I use one every day.  They’re a great way to bring beverages to my workplace. Not to mention, they’re offered in hot, trendy colors.  These are a fashion accessory and a great promotional product.

These are gifts that I will not give back!


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