Make Your Goodie Bags Stand Out!

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Goodie bags. Welcome bags. Swag bags. Free gifts. Favors. No matter what you call them, you can’t deny that you love receiving them.

Swag Bags for Steeped and Infused
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From kids at a birthday party to adults at tradeshows – goodie bags are often the most coveted take-away from any kind of event.  The problem is, goodie bags have become the norm rather than the exception. So how do make yours stand out?

We’ve all received goodie bags filled with the same old promotional products: A t-shirt (usually an XL), a Frisbee, a notebook and if we’re lucky, some candy all featuring a company logo.  If you really want people to remember your company, make the items you include relevant to the audience. Here are some tips for creating a stand-out goodie bag for your business. 

Where and when is your event being held? In sunny Florida, with many attendees flying in from colder locations? Include some sunscreen. In snow-covered New York? Include a winter scarf or gloves. In a building with a Starbucks in the lobby? Include a coupon for 1 free coffee, courtesy of your company.

Who are your attendees? If you have a booth at a technology conference, give out wipes that can safely clean computer monitors. If you’re hosting a Pampered Chef party at your home, give out kitchen timers so attendees will always know when their newest kitchen-creation is done baking.

What might the attendees need at the event? I was attending a tradeshow last fall and collecting tons of items while walking the show floor. However, I didn’t have a bag to put all the items in. I spotted a booth offering free, empty bags featuring the company logo. You can bet I grabbed one, brought it home and still use it on trips to the grocery store.

The more useful and relevant the items in your goodie bag are, the bigger impact they will have on attendees (or more accurately, your future customers).

What items do you love receiving in goodie bags?

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