Make My Logo Bigger! Super-Sized Laser Engraving Now Available for Select Pens

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Companies purchase promotional products for various reasons, from brand awareness campaigns or new product launches to employee gifts and fundraising. Whatever the reason, customers want their logo/imprint to be BIG – it allows for their message to stand out and not get lost on a product.

When products are fairly small, such as engraved pens, the imprint area for their logo is often limited to 1/4 of an inch in height. In fact, only companies with horizontal logos didn’t feel the pain of imprint area limitations and could pull it off.  If the company logo was vertical, such as a lighthouse, it would only be 1/4 inch in height and even smaller in width.  These limitations have often resulted in customers requesting to see bigger imprints on the pens we offer.  (Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We do listen.)

We Now Have a Solution!

Our engineering team has worked tirelessly to address this limitation and recently came up with the solution!  Now, your imprint’s height can be three times bigger: the maximum has increased from 1/4″ to 3/4″. We now separate your imprint into 33 separate pieces, and laser-engrave it as we rotate the pen.  This sounds a bit complicated, but the results are beautiful:

Super-Size Laser Engraving on Ultima Pen. With and Without Super-size Option
Ultima Pen – with and without Super-size Engaving. Click to see detail.

Which pens have this option? 

Today, the following three pens can have the super-sized laser engraving:

  1. Delane Pens, item #41226
  2. Delane Comfort Grip Pens, item #42632
  3. Ultima Pens, item #42804 

Does it cost extra?

Yes, super-sized laser engraving requires more time to set-up.  Your imprint can be super-sized for only 20 cents extra per pen!

How Do I Super-Size My Imprint?

After clicking on the ‘Personalize Now’ button on the product page, you’ll be taken to the ordering page. Simply click on the “Options” link, select “Super-Sized Engraving,” and click “Apply Changes” — then proceed as usual.

Screenshot - how to choose Super-sized Engraving
Click on the image to zoom in.

More questions? Please let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page at If not, enjoy a couple more pictures below!

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More Examples of Super-Sized Engraving

Promotional pens: with and without super-size engraving
Promotional pens: with and without super-size engraving
Delane pens - with and without super-sized engraving
Delane pens – with and without super-sized engraving
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