4 Easy Customer Appreciation Ideas

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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and in addition to giving thanks for our family and friends, this is also a great time to say “thank you” to the customers who have trusted you with their business this year.

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Fortunately, you don’t need to spend big money for your message of thanks to make a big impact, and we’ve got a few customer appreciation ideas to get you started.

1. Send an appreciation e-mail

Take a few minutes to express how much your customers’ support has meant to you this year, and send it out to your e-mail list. For special customers, you might want to create and send a separate, customized message of thanks. 

2. Take photos or videos of employees saying “thank you”

Let customers “feel the love” from your entire team by sending a message from your employees. A few variations on this theme you might want to consider:

  • Make a gallery of photos showing employees holding signs with their own message of appreciation.
  • Create a “montage” video featuring employees saying “thank you” in their own words.
  • Take a photo of the whole team holding a banner with your special message of thanks. (Bonus points if they’re all wearing matching custom t-shirts!)

When your photo or video message is ready to send to customers, you can load it onto custom USB drives featuring your organization’s name and logo. After your customers upload your photos or videos, they can re-use the handy drive for their own files.

3. Turn your team photo into a customized holiday card or gift

Team photos also make great holiday cards that will stand out from the rest. Or you can create a lasting token of your appreciation by imprinting your group pic on a full-color photo mug—then fill it with candy and give it to customers with a heartfelt “thank you.”

4. Give back on your customers’ behalf

During this season of giving, you can show your community spirit and your appreciation by making a charitable contribution on your customers’ behalf. You can make cash donations in their names to local community organizations—or donate to a toy, food, or clothing drive in your area.


Do you have any customer appreciation ideas to add to the list? Share your tips in the comments—we’d love to hear them!

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