12 Unique Pens & Writing Instruments that Express Your Personality

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We’ve done it before with the collection of awesome mugs, but our focus today is on pens and other writing instruments. Everybody uses pens and many people have their favorite pen (for our customers, it’s usually a pen with their imprint on it), but very few people have a truly unique writing instrument, which makes others say “Where did you get that?”

Today, we present a compilation of 12 cool, truly unique pens and other writing instruments!

1. Bullet Pens (with Revolver Pen Holder)

Bullet Pens

These bullet pens, complemented by an awesome revolver holder, fit inside the .375 H&H Magnum shell.  This can be a great gift for someone interested in guns or hunting! (source)

2. Paper Pens

You might not shop organic or bring your own bags to the store. However, these paper pens, made out of the recycled paper, are your way of saying “Hey, I care about the environment, too!” (source)

Pens made from recycled paper

3. Color Picker Pen

With this pen, you can “pick” any natural color and then use it to draw and/or write! Color picker pens have an indicator for a selected color and then mix inks to transfer it to the paper. (source)

Color Picker Pens

4. Ring (No-Grip) Pen

This ring pen might not be cool, but it is useful!  Many people suffer from, or show symptoms of, carpal tunnel syndrome. This “no-grip” pen removes the pressure from your fingers and allows for pain-free writing! (source)

No Grip Pens

5. Bass Guitar Pen

Do you know somebody who’s in a rock band or is a rock star-wannabe? Yeah, this pen is for “that guy” (or girl). (source)

Bass Guitar Pens

6. Fishing Rod Pen

If anybody ever ditches you when going fishing, this small fishing rod pen will ensure that your friends don’t have an excuse next time. And it’s super-cool, too! (source)

Fishing Rod Pens

7. Candy Cane Pen

With the holidays just around the corner, this is a cool (and functional) decorative element for the office! (source)

Candy Cane Pens

8. Drumstick Pencils

We talked about the bass guitar pen above. Now, these pencils shaped like drumsticks can be a great gift (and a hint) for your drummer neighbor!.. (source)

Drum Stick Pencils

9. Spy Camera Pen

If a scene from “The Office” where Dwight spied on Jim with a similar pen wasn’t enough for you — consider yourself warned! There are pens out there which can not only record the audio, but also contain a camera. When you see a pen which is a bit over-sized, with an opening for a camera and/or microphone, be aware! (source)

Spy Pens


10. Cigarette Pens

These cigarette-looking pens won’t be effective in kicking a bad habit (might even remind you to go out for a smoke) and overall might be considered bad taste. But, nevertheless, they are pretty unique! (source)
Cigarette Pens

11. Strawberry & Orange Pens

For all the fruit and berry lovers out there, these pens are great in turning heads, but at the same time are super-impractical :-). Seriously, how do you write with one of these?! (source1source2)

Strawberry PensOrange Slice Pens


12. Pens with USB Flash Drive

Pens that serve an additional function are great: this ‘Mosaic Memory Pen’ has a 1GB USB flash drive inside of it for storing documents. Even more, these pens can be customized with your logo and make awesome holiday gifts for clients!

See product details of this custom USB drive pen now!

Custom pen with USB driveCustom USB drive pen

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