Trade Show Marketing Ideas – Part 2: Driving People to Your Booth

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Last week, we talked about some trade show marketing ideas, including what to say, what to wear, and what promotional products you should consider bringing to the shows. Now let’s discuss some tips for driving people to your booth.

Oh, Look! Shiny Stuff!
Let’s face it: trade shows can be chaotic, especially for attendees. There’s so much to look at and so many places for people to go and get sidetracked. Your trade show marketing ideas - prize wheelbooth needs to have visual “pop” so you can get people’s attention. How do you accomplish this?

Here are three ideas:

1. Think movement. Nothing gets people’s attention more than something that moves and makes sounds. One of our favorite recommendations is a tabletop prize wheel. The movement will draw people in, and the fun factor will keep them engaged long enough for them to hear what you have to say. Send them home with a prize that they find valuable (like movie tickets) along with some collateral materials about your products or services.

2. Think displays. Display items for trade shows also get noticed and give attendees something to look at as they walk by your booth. The one we often recommend to our customers is the Tradeshow marketing ideas - Tabletop displayShow ‘n Write Tabletop Display. What’s great about this is that it’s two-sided. You can customize it on the fly and change it up as the day goes on, thanks to the Velcro panels on one side and the write-on, write-off panels on the other.

This tabletop display provides the most flexibility. Think about it – how you explain something to one person might be different from the way you explain it to another. With this display, you can customize your storytelling so that it fits the needs of the people who are watching and listening in.

3. Think informational takeaways. Some prospective customers prefer taking tradeshow literature displayinformation home and reviewing it on their own. These attendees are likely to gather materials from various booths as a sort of research quest. Making sure you have information for this prospective customer is critical, and a sharp-looking literature display rack can be the perfect repository for all of your marketing materials, such as product brochures, data sheets, etc. (It will also keep things organized.)

Do you have tons of printed materials and does the thought of lugging them all the way to the trade show make you weary? Here’s another cool option: bring a bunch of USB flash drives branded with your company logo and filled with all of your company’s info — it’s an informational takeaway, digital style.

These are just three ideas, but there are plenty more display items and trade show marketing ideas here.

How do you drive people to your trade show booths? Share in the comments.

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