Small Business Marketing Magic: Re-engaging Existing Customers

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You might have heard this marketing adage before: it’s easier to sell to existing customers than it is to go out and get new ones. But the question is this: how do you go about re-engaging your current customer base? In this post, we’re going to provide some tips to keep in mind and provide an example of a re-engagement program…one you could modify for your business and get started with today.

Stay Front & Center

The biggest mistake we see companies make is that they stop marketing once they start getting busy. In other words, once you land all sorts of great customers, it’s easy to forget about promoting your business. Consider this, though: you probably spent a good amount of time and money marketing to your prospects and turning them into customers. Don’t stop there. In order to keep them as customers, you’ll need to continue investing in them. Remember, it’s a crazy busy world with lots of things vying for people’s attention. You need to stay front and center in your customers’ minds (without being annoying, of course) long after you convert them into sales.

Ideas for keeping newer customers engaged:

1. Send a hand written thank you note after you complete the project/job. It’s a nice touch, and it’s something people will remember. Make the thank you truly stand out by including a promotional product (one that will also help your company stay front and center in people’s minds, thanks to your company logo). Some ideas:

  • Custom Magnets. We love magnets because most people put them them on the fridge – something people look at multiple times a day.
  • Custom USB Drives. For these newer customers, entice them to continue custom usb flash drive from amsterdam printingbuying from you by sending them a custom USB drive that includes your company logo on it and a line that says, “Plug in for Savings.” You can include a note that thanks people for their business and that lets them know you’re including an offer for future services/products. All people need to do is plug the custom USB drive into their computer to access the coupon. Then they’re free to use the USB drive to store their own stuff.

(Like this last idea? Get a quote from Amsterdam Printing on custom USB drives right now.)

2. Ask for referrals. This should be separate from the thank you note. Target those customers who were especially pleased with your work and directly ask them for referrals. Here’s one way to approach it:

  • Send a note with several stamped postcards.
  • The message on the front of each postcard would be something like “I loved the service I got from Awesome Company and thought you would, too. Get 10% off if you mention my name.”
  • The customer would simply address each postcard and drop them in the mail.
  • Include a coupon or discount for your customer as a thank you to them for sending the referral postcards.

This not only engages your current clients, but also helps them remain invested in your company since they’re referring you to their friends and family.

Ideas for re-engaging past customers:

1. Include them in a monthly email newsletter. What better way to remind people about your business than through a monthly email communication? Email newsletters are cost effective and easy to set up.

In terms of content, remember the goal is to deliver high value. If every newsletter offers valuable info, people will begin to look forward to receiving your newsletter. What makes for valuable content? Think about the information people would like for free.

For example, if you’re a landscaper, provide easy tips that customers can follow, such as info on how to grow some herbs on their backyard porch. If you’re a web developer, provide a checklist that tests the “health” of a website. If you’re a realtor, provide information on housing trends. You get the idea. (And yes, you should add new customers to your email newsletter list as well.)

2. Seeing is Believing Campaign
A great way to re-engage past clients, especially those you’ve been out of touch with for six months or longer, is to provide them with a visual reason for re-engaging with you. This idea works especially well for businesses that deal in “visuals,” like landscaping, web design, home remodeling, interior decorating, and house painting. Here’s how it would work:

  • Send a custom USB drive to your target list of past customers.
  • In addition to your logo, add a line on the USB drive like, “Seeing is believing…”
  • Include a note with the USB drive that invites people to plug it into their computer to access a file that shows what great work you’ve been up to AND provides a coupon people can print out.

The curiosity factor will win people over, and it’s a great way to showcase your latest work.

If you’re not in a visual business, you could include a file with a video greeting or – even better – some video testimonials from customers. Change the line on the USB flash drive to this: “Hearing is believing.”

How do you re-engage existing customers? Heard of any good ideas? Share in the comments

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