Industry Highlight – 5 Promotional Product Ideas for Health-Related Businesses

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Think dentists and doctors. Medical supply companies and rehab specialists. Acupuncturists and chiropractors. The healthcare industry is huge, and the right promotional products can be the perfect visual reminder to people that you’re there.

Here are five of our favorites:
1. Custom lanyards. Wear it around your neck and promote your business. Use it for ID badges, keys, or even a lucky charm — the choice is yours.

custom lanyards2. Hand sanitizers. This a no-brainer for health professionals, and it’s a product that’s bound to get a lot of use from the people you hand it out to.

promo sanitizers3. Stress balls. These are a popular choice among health professionals, given that so many discuss the effects stress has on their patients’ overall health and well being.

custom stress balls

4. Custom pedometers. The link between excess weight and poor health is in the news almost daily. So many health professionals encourage their patients to increase their physical activity, and walking is often at the top of the list. By offering pedometers to your patients, you’re giving them a tool that they can start using today (and a subtle reminder to stay in touch with you).custom pedometers


5. Custom badge holders. Perfect for businesses, like nursing homes, which issue badges to employees. Also, health professionals often attend lots of conferences and networking events. The custom badges help to effectively promote your business.

custom badge holders

Are you in a health-related business? What health-related promotional products have worked best for you? Share in the comments.

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