How to Thank Clients – Part 3: Holiday Gifts (Yes, We Just Wrote That)

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OK, we just celebrated Memorial Day, which is why you might think we’re crazy to be talking about the holiday season right now. But you know how it goes: the summer flies by, suddenly the kids are back in school, and, before you know it, you’re carving turkey and cursing yourself for not having taken care of holiday gifts for clients earlier. Sound familiar? Let’s avoid that.

Here are three unique business gifts that you can order now and deliver later.

1. Original mug cover. These make great gifts, especially if you have lots of clients and vendors. They’re economical, they’re useful (for keeping drinks cold or warm…and keeping bugs out), and they’re perfect for promoting your business.

promotional cup covers

2. Stainless steel tumblers. Can you say durable and stylish? That’s the beauty of these custom tumblers. They come in an attractive white gift box for added panache (a perfect thing for the holiday season).

stainless steel tumbler

3. Custom USB drives. We’ve talked about these before, but they make such a perfect gift: they’re useful to the people receiving it, economical for you, and a perfect way to present a custom holiday greeting (load the USB drive with a special file that displays a holiday card and/or a coupon for one of your products or services).

custom usb flash drive from amsterdam printingHow ’bout you? Do you ever get your corporate holiday gifts out of the way this early? Have you ever received an interesting holiday gift from a business? Share in the comments.

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