Industry Highlight – 5 Promotional Products for Techie Businesses

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Oh, IT people and computer geeks! People tend to forget about you when they don’t need you. But what happens when they do need you due to a blue screen of death, a failed motherboard, or some other techie problem that only you can fix?

Help make sure your business stays front and center in their minds by giving out promotional products that customers (and prospects!) can use every day…even when their electronics are behaving.

Here are five of our favorite promotional product ideas for techie businesses:

1. Microfiber screen saver. Down with dust and grime and all those other things that plague our monitors, cell phone screens, and e-readers! This microfiber cleaning cloth comes in its own handy flip-top case that you can customize with your logo and business name.

microfiber screen cleaner
2. Computer cleaning sweep. This promotional product offers two cool tools in one: a brush for your screen and a keyboard brush on the other end.

computer sweep3. Custom USB drives. We’ve talked about these before, but that’s because they’re just so darn useful, and almost everyone can use one. Hand them out “as is,” with your logo imprinted on each one, or load up the drive with a special message or offer (like a coupon).

custom usb drives4. USB car charger. What’s great about this promotional product is that it’s useful (we all need to re-charge our electronic devices, and often “on the go”) and it will be placed in a location that people see all the time – the dashboard of their car – which means your business name will be front and center, always.

promo usb car charger5. Custom screwdrivers. Who was it that said the basic tools everyone needs is a screwdriver, duct tape, and a can of WD-40? It’s true, at least when it comes to screwdrivers, and we believe a person can never have too many. We also believe this custom screwdriver set will likely be the coolest-looking one you’ve ever seen.

custom screwdriver set
Are you the owner of a techie business (or do you work in one)? What sort of promotional products do you give to your clients? Share in the comments.

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