T-Shirts, Towels & Coolers – Oh My! Hot Ideas for the Annual Company Picnic

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The concept for your annual company picnic can take on a variety of forms, depending on your organization’s corporate culture. In other words, what sorts of fun outdoor activities would your employees or colleagues like to take part in? Clambakes? Charity golf tournaments? Parking lot BBQs? A pool party at someone’s house after hours? A banana split social at the local ice cream stand? All of the above? (Hey, we wouldn’t blame them for that!)

Not sure what they’d like? Ask! Take a survey, provide a suggestion box, or simply have people email you with their selections and ideas (it’s always good to provide choices, in case people need some prompts, but definitely listen to their ideas as well). Company picnics are a great morale booster for everyone, and it provides an opportunity for people to kick back and relax and feel like a human being again instead of a worker bee.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure to include some fun promotional items at your cool company picnic. Here are five that we love:

1. Personalized coolers. Ultra useful and ultra cool (both literally and figuratively), personalized coolers are a perfect thank-you item to hand out to employees as you’re wrapping up the event (and a perfect way to make sure any left-over food finds itself a good home…make sure your employees put the coolers to good use).

personalized coolers
2. Custom golf products. Whether you’re sponsoring a charity golf tournament or you and your employees/colleagues hit the links once a week during the summer, consider investing in some cool custom golf products, such as tees, golf balls, or a tournament pack.

custom golf products
3. Custom umbrellas. Ah, yes – it’s fun to get outdoors! A little vitamin D from the sunshine is good for the body and soul…in moderation, of course. Provide your employees with custom umbrellas at the company picnic, clambake, pool party, or parking lot BBQ. They – and their epidermis – will thank you!

custom umbrellas
4. Custom T-shirt printing. A person can never have too many T-shirts, especially during the summer. Your employees will be doing some “advertising” for your company whenever they wear them as well.

screened t shirts
5. Custom blankets & beach towels. Ah, yes – spread ’em out at the clambake, pool party, or in the grassy meadow by the ice cream stand. The large imprint area ensures your message will be seen.

Imprinted beach towels
What sort of company picnic ideas are you considering this summer? What are some great ones you’ve done or attended in the past? Share in the comments.

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