Industry Highlight – Religious Promotional Items

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One of the best ways to keep current members engaged in your religious organization is through visual reminders — especially inspirational ones – that they’re likely to see and appreciate every day. Promotional products are also great tools to send a message at your fundraising and outreach events.

Here are four of our favorites:

1. Christian reflections wall calendars. There’s nothing like beautiful pictures and scripture passages to inspire and foster reflection. This custom wall calendar does just that.

religious wall calendars
2. Inspirational bookmarks. Choose from a variety of verses, such as Footprints in the Sand or the Serenity Prayer. This is the perfect promotional item for fundraisers, thank-you gifts, and other church functions.

inspirational bookmarks
3. Promotional church fans. These fans are beautifully designed with a wide variety of inspirational scenes from which to choose, and you can complement the design and verse with your own message.

promo church fans
4. Silicone wristband. These are ideal for community events and fundraisers, such as walk-a-thons. There are plenty of colors to choose from, and there’s room on the band for your custom imprint.

silicone wristbands
Need more ideas? We have plenty of other religious promotional items here.

Do you work or volunteer for a religious organization? How do you promote it? Share in the comments.

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