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Working for a nonprofit organization…it’s a labor of love, isn’t it? So many things to do, including making sure your nonprofit is visible in the community. Here are six recommended products or see the full category of nonprofit promotional products that will help you do just that.

1. Custom keychains. You can’t go wrong with tried and true custom keychains. They’re economical, useful, and a great way to have your nonprofit’s logo/name featured on something people use almost every day.

Brightwell custom keychains
2. Custom pens. Pens are another popular choice because, let’s face it: you can never have too many of them. In fact, a recent study by the Advertising Specialty Institute ranked writing instruments as the #1 most-commonly-owned promotional item, with 54% of respondents owning at least one. At Amsterdam Printing, we have a wide variety of styles and colors, so you’re bound to find one that fits your organization’s identity.

Montabella custom pens
3. Promotional ceramic mugs. They’re useful, and they’re another product you can never really have too many of. Plus, the imprint area provides room to convey your nonprofit’s mission.

custom ceramic mugs
4. Logo hats. They’re a walking billboard for your organization. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you’re bound to find something that’s the right match for your nonprofit. These are especially popular for fundraisers, such as walks and relay races, or volunteer/recruitment days.

screen printed cap for non profits

5. Personalized water bottles. As society grows more and more health conscious, water bottles are becoming more and more popular promotional items since they’re re-usable and encourage the drinking of good ol’ healthful H20.

personalized water bottles for nonprofit industry6. Promotional golf umbrellas. We’ve found that nonprofits will sometimes use promotional products as a way to raise funds for their organization. The key is having the right items for people to buy. People love supporting organizations they believe in, but at the same time, they want the product that they’re buying to be useful. One of the most popular items in this category is the traveler umbrella. We all need them, and this particular umbrella’s size makes it a popular item to sell.

Need even more ideas? We have plenty of nonprofit promotional products to check out.

Are you involved with a nonprofit organization? How do you help get the word out? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments.

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