Marketing Tips for Small Businesses: How “In Control” Are Your Customers?

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Small business advocate Jim Blasingame has coined (and trademarked) the concept of “The Age of the Customer.” He says we recently entered this era after spending hundreds and hundreds of years in The Age of the Seller, where the sellers controlled the product/service as well as the information on the product/service. The customers controlled the buying decision.

In “The Age of the Customer,” however, this dynamic has changed, thanks to the Internet: customers still control the buying decision, but now they also control the information on the product/service. The balance has been upset in favor of the customer.

It’s a provocative concept, and Jim has a short video where he explains it further. We thought it would be appropriate as we head into this Labor Day weekend to take a step back and think more deeply about our customers and the roles they play in our business (considering, according to Blasingame, they hold quite a bit of power!).

Note: Blasingame has many other videos that discuss this topic. You can find some of them on his YouTube channel.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, everyone! We’ll be back next week with more marketing posts that will help your business flourish as we finish up Q3 and head into Q4.

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