Marketing Highlight: How to Promote Financial Services

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Maybe you’re an independent financial advisor. Or maybe you own a thriving accounting firm. Perhaps you’re a QuickBooks guru who travels to your clients’ offices to keep up their virtual books. Regardless of your exact niche, no doubt you’ve wondered how to promote your financial services so that you stand out from the crowd.

Here are three ideas.

1. Thought papers. Okay, so thought papers (also known as white papers) might not be the most exciting-sounding marketing idea on the planet. But let the term serve as a reminder to give prospects and customers remarkable content that they can use right now. Perhaps as tax season approaches, you create a thought paper but you call it a guide, as in “Your Guide to Tax Write-offs Almost Everyone Misses.” Or maybe you call it a “checklist,” like “The 411 on College Financial Aid Forms – A Checklist To Keep You Sane.” You get the idea. The beauty of these types of marketing pieces is that you can use them in a variety of ways:

  • Downloads on your website
  • Leave-behinds after meeting with a client
  • “Gifts” to send past customers as a way to re-engage them
  • Inserts in PR packages when you’re trying to land a speaking gig

Make sure your “thought papers” are clear, concise, error free, and well designed. Not a great writer? Farm it out to a copywriter who specializes in the financial industry.

2. Free dinner series or weekend bagels ‘n coffee klatch. Entice prospects and customers with free food and interesting topics. Not sure what interests them? Ask. Ask whenever you talk to them, turn to social media (like Facebook), check in with colleagues, and run ideas by contacts in networking groups. You want to host events at convenient times, which is why a dinner event or weekend event could work well (again, it depends on your clientele). Bonus idea: consider taping the event and posting it to your website, YouTube, and Facebook. Use it to promote future events as well.

3. Combine forces. Do you own an accounting firm that works with lots of small businesses? What sorts of vendors are your small business clients looking for? Business insurance? QuickBooks help? Consider combining forces with other vendors in your marketing sphere. For example, you could bundle services together and create a sleek brochure that you mail to ALL of your databases. You could go in together on some sort of advertising that might be too cost-prohibitive otherwise. And you could host an event together, such as a panel discussion. Working with colleagues on your marketing helps to keep you accountable, too (and it can make it more fun).

BONUS: Promotional products for financial services. Wow them and keep your name front and center with the right promotional products. Here are some of our favorites:

Custom piggy keychain. Nothing says “money” like a piggy bank. Now people can carry this subtle reminder with them wherever they go.

Custom Piggy Keychains

Money bags stress ball. You could have a lot of fun creating a customer re-engagement campaign with this promotional product. Send a note saying your firm can help diminish financial stress, and here’s proof. Then, include one of these cool custom stress balls. These are perfect gifts for employees as well – they’re fun items to keep on desks.

Money Bag Custom Stress Ball

Debit card holder with register. It’s something we all use, right? The best part: these are truly an economical item if you’re on a tight budget.

ATM Debit Card Holder with Register

Custom lollipops. These are another economical item and perfect for any business that receives foot traffic, like a bank.

custom lollipops

Do you own a financial services business? How do you promote it? Share your ideas in the comments.

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