Planes, Trains & Automobiles! 5 Cool Promotional Travel Products for Those on the Go

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We’re officially in busy season now that summer is but a distant memory and the kids are back in school. From a work perspective, many of you are probably traveling for business as you wrap up third quarter and get ready for Q4. Not to mention the holiday rush that will be upon us before we know it.

As a result, we thought we’d take a look at promotional travel products for those on the go, go, go. These are yet another way to get the word out about your company: share them with employees, with prospects, with customers, and with family/friends who do a lot of traveling.

Here are five that we recommend.

1. Flashlight keychain. Always handy, especially those late nights when you’re heading to parking garages and searching for your car. When you hand these out to customers, prospects, and employees, they’ll especially appreciate how cool these keychains look and how sturdy they feel.

custom flashlight keychain

2. Custom luggage tags. Get your company name out as luggage makes its rounds on the baggage claim carousel or travels through congested airports. These tags are especially durable as well.

custom luggage tags

3. Promotional traveler’s toothbrush. These compact toothbrushes are the perfect carry-on size, and a person can never have too many. Each one is individually poly-bagged for easy distribution.

promotional traveler's toothbrush4. Custom hand sanitizer. This is a must-have for travelers, especially during cold and flu season. Your customers, prospects, and employees will definitely appreciate custom hand sanitizer that they can throw in their purse, carry-on bag, or briefcase.

custom hand sanitizer

5. Custom hand grip exerciser. The universal truth of all travel on planes, trains, or automobiles is this: you’re bound to do a lot of waiting at some point due to traffic, weather, or mechanical problems. These hand grip exercisers will help you take the delays in stride and give your hands something to do instead of impatiently strumming them on a seat rest as you wait to get moving again.

custom hand grip exerciserDo you do a lot of traveling for business? What’s one must-have item that you always bring with you? Share in the comments.

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