6 Ideas to Motivate a Sales Team

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Fourth quarter is officially underway! So the question becomes how do you keep your sales team members motivated and their eyes on the proverbial ball so that they end the year on a positive note for themselves—and your company? Here are six ideas.

1. Think in terms of friendly rivalries. In other words, hold a contest (just be sure to avoid a scene from Glengarry, Glen Ross and instead keep it upbeat anipad coverd fun). Reward the winning team with something special as a group, like a night out at a comedy club or to a show in town, and then reward the team member with the most sales a special gift like an iPad. Customize the gift by serving it up with an iPad cover (pictured to the right) that features your company name.

2. Conduct ride-alongs. Nothing can motivate sales people more than knowing the boss is going to tag along for the day. Wondering how to effectively conduct a ride-along? Check out this free resource from a seasoned sales consultant.

3. Ask your sales people what they want. Sure, you might think it’s all about money and bonuses, but it’s possible some other intangibles might be equally motivating, such as having the freedom to telecommute or Fridays off during the summer.

4. Broadcast progress and results. Having some sort of visual reminder that monitors sales and shows which sales member is in the lead can be extremely motivating for everyone involved. It lets the leader see who is on his or her heels and it might just inspire some of the weaker sales people to step up their game.

5. Offer coaching services. Is your sales team motivated, but are they a little green or rough around the edges when it comes to their skills? Consider making one-on-one coaching services available. The investment will likely pay for itself in the long run if your motivated sales team can take all of their energy and enthusiasm and convert it into sales and dollars.

6. Say thank you – often. People want to feel appreciated. It’s important to thank your sales people for a job well done…or for a job that they gave their all on (even if the results weren’t as big as everyone was expecting or hoping for). Another idea: Provide the members of your sales team with customized promotional products with their contact information to hand out to their prospective clients. The prospects or customers will feel appreciated, and the product will serve as a nice reminder about the sales rep and your company.

Do you have a sales team? How do you motivate them? Or do you work in sales? How does your boss motivate you (or what do you wish she or he would do to motivate you)? Share in the comments.

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