Don’t Underestimate The Power of Handwritten Thank You Cards

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One of our colleagues recently participated in a survey for one of her friend’s kids who had a project due for school. A few days after she completed the survey, she received a handwritten thank-you card in the mail from the child. She was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t recall the last time she had received such a note.custom stationery thank-you note

It’s a sad commentary that in the era of email and instant Internet gratification we sometimes tend to forget the power an “old-fashioned” snail-mailed thank-you note has.

It’s also important to point out that a thank-you card isn’t just for weddings or birthday gifts. Sending a heartfelt, handwritten note to customers, prospects, employees, and colleagues can go a long way in helping you — and your business — stand out. As etiquette expert Emily Post says, “It’s never wrong to send a written thank-you. And people always appreciate getting ‘thanks’ in writing.”

Still not convinced or wondering to whom you’d be sending these thank-you notes? Here are eight situations where you could shine by sending a gratitude-filled message.

  1. Thank new customers/clients after they hire you.
  2. Thank new customers/clients after you’ve completed the project.
  3. Thank prospects for considering your company.
  4. Thank the people you network with for taking the time to meet with you.
  5. Thank your best vendors for doing such a great job.
  6. Thank your employees – this is perfect to do around Thanksgiving. Make the thank-you even more special by including a gift card for a turkey or the grocery store for holiday meals.
  7. Thank customers who’ve provided critical feedback on some aspect of your business. It’s easy to get annoyed or frustrated by those customers who complain, but quite often these complaints reveal deeper issues within your organization. Take the time to reach out to some of these customers. Thank them for their candid feedback and let them know you’re addressing — or have addressed — their concerns. You might just win them back.
  8. Thank people you might otherwise take for granted, and not because you don’t care or you’re shallow, but rather because you simply forget about them: the mail carrier, the cleaning crew, the outsourced IT team. You get the idea.

Now you may be thinking, “Whoa! I don’t have time to thank all those people. I’ll be spending my days writing thank-you notes.” Here’s the thing: you don’t need to do this all at once. In fact, writing thank-you notes is something you spread throughout the year. Sure, there will be times when you need to stop and write a thank-you, but some of the other thank-you’s, such as thanking your employees or the cleaning crew or your best vendors, is something you can schedule into your calendar.

The actual writing of the thank-you note needn’t be a long, drawn out process, either. Keep some custom stationery, envelopes, and stamps on hand and write out the note when you think of it and/or according to your calendar schedule.

Need some custom stationery that perfectly reflects you and your business? You’ve come to the right place. At Amsterdam Printing, we carry a variety of styles of custom stationery and envelopes that are just waiting for your company’s touch.

Do you send thank-you notes? What sort of feedback have you received? Share in the comments.

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