Promotional Products Preview: What’s Hot for 2013

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Guess what, 2012? You’re out. And the new year is (almost) in. At Amsterdam Printing, we’re looking forward to ringing in 2013 with promotional products that are as cool as they are functional. Here’s a preview of some of our favorites:

1. Mission Endura Cool Towel. Finally, linens have gone hi-tech. This towel cools instantly when you wet it and then snap it out, making it the perfect accompaniment to a hot and sticky workout. People will love receiving this gift (and they will see your name every time they cool down).

custom mission endura towel

2. Custom InkJoy Pens. We know what you might be thinking: Why are pens on the “hot list” for 2013? Well, these are no ordinary pens. These puppies boost new technology resulting in unparalleled ink smoothness. An added bonus? You can now add your custom imprint. InkJoy Pens from Paper Mate® became a customer favorite, and we think businesses will widely adopt and start using them as custom pens in 2013.

custom InkJoy pens

3. Custom USB Chargers. Let’s face it: we’re a gadget-crazy universe. But as wonderful as all of our gadgets and gizmos are, sometimes we have to stop and re-charge. Literally. Which is why we think custom USB chargers are going to make one hot promotional item next year…and beyond.

custom usb charger

4. Promotional Water Infuser (27 ounces). Do you like your water with a hint of lemon, lime, strawberry, or something else altogether? You’re not alone. With this promotional water infuser, people can easily dress up their H2O thanks to the removable snap-lock infuser basket, which is perfect for filling with the flavors you love (think mint leaves, orange slices, tea bags, and more).

custom water infuser 27 oz

5. Custom Umbrella with LED Shaft. You won’t ever have to worry about another dark and stormy night when you’re sporting this chic umbrella, which has an illuminated shaft to light your way. There’s plenty of room to imprint your company name, too, which people will remember, trust us. Because when’s the last time anyone has seen something as cool as this (outside of a Hollywood action film)?

custom LED shaft umbrellas

6. Elleven Checkpoint Backpack. Nope, that’s not a typo in the product name. Just consider the extra “l” for extra “luggage,” since this pack is designed to maximize every inch of space, while remaining TSA compliant. Perfect for people who travel with all their gadgets in tow, like laptops, tablets, and ear buds — oh my!

elleven custom backpack

7.  Iwrite Touch Stylus with LED & Pen. It’s a stylus! It’s a pen! It’s an LED light! It’s Superman (of promotional products, that is)! People love multi-functional items, and this clearly fits the bill. (And a person can never have too many pens, right?)

custom stylus LED pens

8. Custom BYO Express Lunch Bags. Who says a bagged lunch has to be boring? We can’t vouch for what you put in this lunch bag (although whatever it is, the 3-hour insulation will keep the contents super fresh), but we know one thing for sure: you’ll look stylish carrying this fashionable sack to the office cafeteria. This is a great gift for employees, clients, networking colleagues, and vendors alike. These cute bags are durable, stain resistant, and machine washable, too. BYO custom lunch bags

9. Solar-powered Dancing Flowers & Insects. Perfect for the person who kills everything. Er, as in plants! No green thumb required for these playful decorations that move and dance with the sun’s rays. This fun product is sure to be a conversation starter. Best part? It’s your logo people will see when they pick it up, thanks to the generous imprint area on the front of the pot.

solar dancing flowers insects

Which one of these is your favorite? Share in the comments.

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