6 Totally Awesome Promotional Gadgets & Gizmos

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Promotional Gadgets & Gizmos

From smartphones to tablets…email to texting, everything about our day-to-day lives is hi-tech, and there’s no reason why our promotional products shouldn’t follow suit.

Here are six of our favorite promotional gadgets and gizmos for you to consider.

1. Rainbow USB Drive 2Gb Ballpoint Pen

It’s a pen! It’s a USB drive! It’s both, and it’s totally awesome! Count on a great writing experience and two GB of storage capacity. Great colors and room for your imprint on the cap make this is a popular choice.

rainbow usb drive 2gb ballpoint pen

2. Deluxe Tablet Stand

Your cool tablet deserves a cool display, doesn’t it? This tablet stand will make a great impression while making life easier for showing presentations, reading, or watching the latest viral cat video (don’t worry — we won’t tell). Choose from several spiffy colors and customize it with your company’s name for an extra dose of go-getter attitude.

deluxe tablet stand

3. Lynx Pocket Knife

This isn’t your granddaddy’s pocket knife. While it has all the standard tools you’d expect (twelve of them!), it’s somehow sleeker and sharper thanks to its silver color, custom engraving, and velour pouch. Practicality never looked so elegant.

lynx pocket knife

4. Litewell Key Chain

Tech-minded folks can always use a spare flashlight, right? After all, flashlights are perfect for looking behind computer hutches when trying to untangle a bundle of cords and wires. The beauty of this flashlight is that it’s a key chain, which means it’s always handy and impossible to lose (well, just about!). And there’s plenty of room to laser engrave your company name.

litewell key chain

5. Custom Stylus Pens

Part pen, part stylus. What more could any busy person want? We have many different looks to choose from, so you’re bound to find one you’ll love!

custom stylus pens

6. EZ-Swivel Custom USB Drives

USB drives are THE way to share and transfer large amounts of data between computers and tablets. The convenient key chain configuration provides easy swivel access to a 2 GB memory flash drive, making this perfect for busy employees, students, and even your customers. (Read how photographers have ditched CDs in favor of custom USB drives here.)

EZ-Swivel Custom USB Drives

Which techie promotional product is your favorite? Share in the comments.

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