5 Super “Sweet” Promotional Gifts

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5 Super “Sweet” Promotional Gifts

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d share five examples of our favorite yummy promotional candy — items that work for February 14 and beyond. These are great gifts for customers, prospects, and employees year-round.

1. Custom Lollipops
Perfect for kids of all ages, these tasty lollipops come in five flavors. Get an assortment or choose one favorite flavor. And be sure to take advantage of the customization option on the stick. These are great for high traffic areas, like banks, hair salons, and retailers.

promotional lollipops


2. Custom Butter Mints
People LOVE their mints! They tend to grab a handful for their purse, briefcase, car, you name it, so this is a great promotional item to have on hand. These promotional butter mints are extra yummy, and the packaging they come in has plenty of room for your business logo and name. These are especially popular with restaurants. Another great idea? Use these mints as “fillers” for custom mugs (makes a nice customer appreciation gift).

custom butter mints

3. Custom Chocolate Coins
Um, did someone say chocolate? It’s hard to go wrong with these custom Belgian chocolate coins, especially given the fact you can imprint your logo on the chocolate itself as well as the packaging. If your business has anything to do with money (and what business doesn’t, really?), this could be a great choice. Think bankers, accountants, bookkeepers, mortgage specialists, loan officers, etc.

custom chocolate belgian coins

4. Round Tin of Mints
Sometimes you want to do something with a whole lot of mints, rather than simply offer individually wrapped ones like we mentioned above. A nice tin of mints makes a lovely promotional item, and as we mentioned above, people love mints. The nice tin could be re-used for other things (e.g. paperclips) after it’s empty, so your custom message on the top stands a good chance of being seen many, many times.

custom tin of mints


5. Chocolate & Business Card Holder
As we mentioned above, you can’t go wrong with chocolate. What makes this gift even better is that it’s functional. Once the chocolate is gone, it still has a purpose: a cool business card holder. Of course, you’ll insert your business card along with a message on the chocolate. But even if the recipient decides to replace your card or add others on top, you still have your business name on the gold box it comes in. Sounds like a win-win to us.

chcolate business card holder

Have you ever said “thank you” with a sweet promotional item like chocolate (or something else)? Share your experience in the comments.

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