9 Must-Have Promotional Products for Spring 2013

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Must-Have Promotional Products

Spring is in the air – finally! And that means it’s time to unveil some exciting promotional products, ones that are bound to add a dose of sunshine to your marketing efforts.

1. LED Light Pen with Carabiner
Light, pen, AND carabiner? Three-in-one promo products for the win! Bonus: plenty of imprint space for your logo or message. Can you say “winner”?

LED light pen and carabiner

2. Paper Clip Tumbler
Finally, an efficient and super cute way to store paper clips! No more groping around in desk drawers or “borrowing” a handful from the mail room. Now, your customers, prospects, and employees can store their paperclips in a stylish tumbler.

paper clip tumbler

3. Beverage Chiller Pad
Oh, yeah. You can tell we have spring and summer on the brain with this product, but we also think you’re going to be psyched by how practical this item is. Keep your beverage cool without watering it down with ice. Just place the chiller pad on top of a traditional coaster or cocktail napkin, and then place your refreshing beverage on top of it. Now, that’s innovation! This can be a great product to have on hand for outdoor events, like company picnics.

beverage chiller pad

4. Gizmo Key Chain
Here’s another 3-in-1 product that’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser. We’re talking key chain, bottle opener, and flashlight combined. Just think of all the reasons for your customers and prospects to carry this item around and all the opportunities for people to see your company’s name or logo. Sounds like a winning combination to us.

gizmo key chain

5. Green Thumb Gardening Bag
Cute, practical, and complete with plenty of useful tools, this item is every gardener’s dream and a great way for you to keep your company name and message in front of customers and prospects throughout the spring, summer, and early fall. Tip: this makes a great mid-year gift for your best customers. Include a note thanking them for their business along with the gardening bag. Go all out and include a small plant as well.

green thumb gardening bag

6. Expandable Automobile Organizer
Don’t blame us if you find yourself making excuses to go grocery shopping, thanks to this expandable automobile organizer, which makes transporting bags an absolute breeze. Your customers and prospects are sure to appreciate this gift and keep it handy in their trunks or backseats, which means your company logo has a good chance of being seen every time the person heads to the market.

expanded automobile organizer

7. h2go Omega Water Filtration Bottle
This awesome product will help make it easy for people to ditch plastic water bottles for good. This water filtration bottle is re-usable, stylish, and holds 16 ounces of liquid, making it perfect for home, the office, the great outdoors, or wherever your customers or prospects are heading.

h2go omega water filtration bottle

8. Wine Chiller Bag
The innovations just keep on coming! Keep your wine chilled to cool perfection with this handy and super cute wine chiller bag. Use it for all sorts of spring and summer events, like BBQs, camping trips, concerts, beach outings, or lazy days hanging by the pool. Tip: for those special long-term customers, you could add a bottle of wine with a lovely handwritten note for extra panache.

wine chiller bag

9. Golf Shoe Tote Bag
We can’t talk spring or summer without discussing the perfect promotional products for people heading out on the links. This classy tote bag is bound to be a hot item for golf lovers, thanks to its roominess and easy-to-carry handle. And yes, there’s plenty of room for your company message as well.

golf shoe tote bag

Which promotional product is your favorite? Share your pick in the comments!

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