Making the Right Moves for Brand Consistency

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Brand Consistency

If you ever wanted to know what was so special about a brand, just think of those Golden Arches or Nike’s Swoosh. A simple logo calls to mind everything that these brands stand for, and while a lot of that has to do with the massive amounts of money spent on advertising, it’s actually mostly because these brands have always delivered a consistent message.

Consistency is key when it comes to branding. And when dealing with social media sites, consistency is something you definitely need to ensure that your brand thrives and flourishes.

Define Your Brand, Agree on it, and Stick to it
Defining exactly what your brand is about will help it remain consistent throughout every social media site and every interaction. Of course, if you have employees and other people working with you, this is something you’re going to have to figure out together. The idea is to decide on a brand image and a plan of attack, and this image is something you want to stick to. Any tweaks or changes subsequently need to be made across the board, so if the brand moves in a new direction, everything moves at once.

Make Sure the Engagement Starts In-House
Before you can be expected to release a consistent brand to the world, you have to develop a consistent brand in-house. This is often more difficult than it seems, as people may have completely different ideas about how your brand should be presented. Make sure these issues are resolved before you start creating a larger public presence. Trying to change after the fact may be too late.

Use Different Tools to Dialogue
You’re not always going to be in the same room with one another, so using different social tools to dialogue with other employees is important. And if you don’t have employees, you can still dialogue with your members via social media and collect some input about your brand from your engagement. You can use tools like Sprout Social in order to monitor your brand and to check feedback to make sure you’re on the right track. Sprout Social is a social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence.

Use Your Main Business Site as a Template
Most brands with an online presence actually start out with a website. If this is the case, use your website as a template. Make sure that each social presence you create is a presence that’s consistent with your main business site. Or use your business logo or business in general, if you don’t have a site to act as a template. You can still show a lighter, more personal side on social media, but you want to adhere to your brand’s mission and never stray away from your professional goals.

Make Sure Campaigns Reflect Your Brand Image
Any social media advertising campaign you’re operating should remain true to your brand’s image. The best campaigns in social media make sure that they’re never stepping outside of their brand in order to draw in more people. If your brand is strictly professional, don’t suddenly change things around just to get a few more people into the fold. Remain true to your brand and to your image.

Periodically Ask for Feedback
Do you ever wonder whether or not your branding has some gaping holes in it? Well, you can always ask. You could run a promotion along the lines of: “The best brand suggestion will get used on our site, and the winner gets a 50% off coupon for any product.” This will bring any questions or complaints to light without people even realizing they’re helping you gauge the congruity of your brand image.

Don’t Hand Over the Keys to the Kingdom
Well, you may want to hand them out to help you save some work. But you definitely don’t want to hand them out to just anyone. Before you allow just anyone to speak for your brand, whether it’s a copywriter you’ve hired or one of your employees, they should know definitively what your brand stands for. And they should be more than willing to adhere to your brand’s image. You don’t need any abstract or free-styling here with your advertising or advocacy. You need consistency, and that requires people who you can trust.

Your brand is a very important part of your business, especially when dealing with social media sites. Think about the top businesses in the world today and you will see that their brand is not only synonymous with quality but that it’s also very consistent across the board. There is no confusion about what a quality brand stands for. So you need to use this information to ensure that your brand is consistent throughout the realm of social media.

Craig Robinson, is one of the Editors of Qwaya – a Facebook ad management tool. Besides writing about social media strategies, Craig covers topics within social media context and advertisement.

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