Revamping Your Business for Halloween

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Halloween is one of those rare holidays that crosses religious and political lines. It also shatters any myth of an age barrier. While one may be too old to go trick-or-treating once they start shaving, you can find a slew of 20-somethings to senior citizens celebrating this holiday in their own way. The holiday is also one of the most celebrated online, bringing a wide range of people to social networks to share costume pics, stories, to participate in the season’s fare, and much more.

Listed below are a few tips to help your Facebook campaign take off like a bat this Halloween. So throw on a costume, break out the candy corn, and start that wolfman marathon. It’s time to start celebrating the season.

Tips to Help Small Businesses Campaign This Halloween

1: Find What’s Trending

Okay, so the answer is probably vampires. For some reason, it’s always vampires! Even those emo vampires are still popular. But just in case it’s going to switch back to witches or werewolves or Frankenstein, make sure you find out which Halloween trends are in this year. Extend that trendiness to finding out what’s performing better on Facebook: Pics or vids; humor or horror; giveaways or participatory promotions; the type of hashtags, etc. If this seems a bit vague, it’s only because it’s a summary of the research you’ll have to do. The goal is to find out what’s popular before you get started, that way you don’t fail!

2: Implement Popular Hashtags
Using Facebook for business and using hashtags to trend is already basically synonymous on the site, even though hashtags are relatively new. For a holiday like Halloween in particular, hashtags give you a great opportunity to increase your reach. Even if the people don’t become your fans and don’t sign up for any promotions, they might still use your hashtag on their material if it fits in with the theme. So be creative here and claim hashtags that you can use consistently with your brand while promoting your holiday campaign.

3: Be Creative with Your Contests
You can’t just offer some weak promotion that’s giving people a few percentage points off an item or that throws out some free eBook. This is Halloween; take advantage of that fact. Start a contest that rewards the best Halloween costume. Ask fans to contribute their best status update for the zombie apocalypse (remember: Hashtags play very well with this stuff, so don’t neglect to use them). Create a promotion that ties in with the holiday and be sure to tie it back in with your market.

4: Host a Live Event
This isn’t always a possibility with every small business, but you can use a site like Facebook to promote a live event. Live events have a lot of buzz surrounding them. It doesn’t even have to be on Halloween night. For instance, you can hold a Halloween Eve scavenger hunt and set up some slimy, spooky, scary stuff at an inexpensive rental location like a moose or elk’s lodge. A haunted house; an excursion to the caverns; a late-night outdoor horror classic screening with a projector. The options are limitless. Use your imagination here, obviously; the important thing to remember is that live events whip up a tremendous amount of buzz.

5: ‘Tis the Season for Spooky Ads!
Another great campaign tip is to get some new ads out there with a Halloween theme. Don’t forget to use your hashtags in there, and don’t forget to use them to promote any type of event or promotion you’re having. Use a third-party ad-management app like Qwaya to test, target and control your ads precisely. Don’t leave it up to Facebook’s options. Take full control and target far more people while maintaining complete creative control.

You would definitely be surprised at just how busy social sites are during the Halloween season. Sure, Christmastime is busy, but it’s also a smaller niche, if you can believe it. Halloween brings people together like no other holiday, from all across the globe, and using this to your advantage can really boost your brand.

Craig Robinson is a spooky social media enthusiast who aims to revamp your digital marketing skills. Contact Craig on Twitter

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