Amsterdam Printing Gives Thanks

Amsterdam Printing Gives Thanks

It’s been a special year for us at Amsterdam Printing: 2013 marked our 115th anniversary. We’ve grown quite a bit from our humble beginnings in the back of Abraham Singer’s New Tim BroadheadYork City apartment, but one thing we’ve never forgotten is that we couldn’t have gotten this far alone.

So as everyone in our country gets ready to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, it seems appropriate for us to express our gratitude. We are so grateful for the opportunities and growth we’ve enjoyed since 1898, the amazing workforce we’ve had over these 115 years, and, most importantly, the customers who’ve put their trust and faith in us during this last century (plus!). It has been an honor and a privilege, and we thank you.

On behalf of everyone at Amsterdam Printing, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and a joyful holiday season ahead.

Tim Broadhead

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