What Customers Really Think of Our Promotional Products

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It’s easy for us to say we have the best promotional products on the planet, but we admit that we might be a little biased. :) So we thought we’d turn this blog post over to our customers so you can read what they have to say in their own words.

1. Entice Stylus Pen. “Excellent choice, no matter your pen needs. You get the best of both worlds…a pen and stylus one. Great to give out to anyone.” –Capt. Mark Moody from Dyersburg, TN

entice stylus pen

2. Delane Pen. “Our company orders new pens every year for recruiting events. The logo size was great! Also, the weight of the pen is very nice. Overall quality of the pen is a 5 for the price.” –Anonymous Reviewer

delane pen

3. Polo Shirt 100% Cotton Embroidered. “I can’t tell you how nervous I was when I had to have new shirts for the crew for a company picnic in 10 days. When we received our order in 8 days with our company name embroidered I knew from now on you would be the only imprint company I would purchase from again…Thank you for the efficient and speedy delivery… And thanks to the account specialist who understood my concerns.” –Kevin O Phillips from Amherst

polo shirt

Why choose 100% cotton? According to WiseGeek.com, cotton is…

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • The only fiber that becomes stronger when wet
  • Biodegradable

4. Sports Pack-Screen Printed. “We give these sports packs to our students who have earned a ‘Character Award’. A good way for the students to keep their belongings together.” –Jennifer Soule from Eden

sports pack

5. Metrotek Attache (Embroidered). “We ordered these bags to give to volunteers at our church. Beautiful embroidery gives a nice appearance and professional look. The recipients were ecstatic! Useful and personal… a great combination.” –by Church Lady from Louisiana

metroteck attache

6. Snack Pack. “The lunch/snack tote is discreet and professional. Not just for kids, this little tote is “cool” enough for adults too. I highly recommend this product. The lunch tote is not very big, it is only good for a sandwich and a snack.” –Anonymous Reviewer

snack pack

7. Laureate Academic Planner. “My review of the planners, resulted that they were very good and just what our Parents would enjoy. The school logo and the information on the front of the planner was excellent. Everyone at our school location said they were very nice. That’s why I was asked to order some more, which I will be doing soon. Rated the product and service excellent.” –Business Technician by Pueblo Pintado Community School from Cuba, NM

academic planner

8. Sunsplash Tumbler Double Wall 16 Oz. “We got these cups for our staff and they LOVE them, in fact, the majority of them bring a drink to work in them everyday.” –Rlhdds from Suffolk, VA

sun splash tumbler

9. Digital Ceramic Mug. “We purchased the digital ceramic mugs for a wedding rehearsal dinner for our son and his bride as a surprise. They were such a hit and everyone was surprised by their ‘favor’ for the evening. They are a great product value and I truly appreciate the help I had in getting the design I wanted with help from your customer service. Thanks!” –by Becky from Anonymous

coffee image

10. Brightwell Keychain. “Every car I deliver now gets one of these flashlights clipped to the key. My customers are digging them and I know they will have my contact info handy whenever someone compliments them on their new car.” –Jeff M from Bend, OR

brightwell key chain

Thank YOU to all of our awesome customers! You guys rock!

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6 thoughts on “What Customers Really Think of Our Promotional Products

  1. Thanks for sharing this very helpful article. Selecting the right promotional products for your business is quite hard especially if your a start up business owner but thanks to this article. Promotional products are cost effective marketing tool. Having your company name and logo printed on these items will surely boost brand awareness for your business. While customer’s constant use of these items guarantees a lot of exposure for your brand. For promo items from Australia you may also visit http://www.davarni.com.au.

  2. The right promotional product can have a long shelf life. Unlike an ad that might be seen once, a promotional product can be used again and again and each time it means that the user is interacting with the brand, keeping it top of mind.

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