Psst. Time to Think about Your 2015 Custom Calendars

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Hey, don’t yell at us. The early bird catches the worm, remember? Which is why you should order your 2015 calendars NOW. Here are 10 excellent ones to consider.

1. Scenes Across America Wall Calendar. It’s impossible to grow weary of gorgeous nature shots like waterfalls, majestic mountains, and the other awesome landscapes that make up our wonderful country. This wall calendar effectively captures so many of these lovely scenes (and it’s made in the USA as well, which is a nice bonus). Choose from stitched or spiral binding, and then we’ll add your custom imprint along the bottom (up to five lines).

scenes across america wall calendar2. Nouveau Pocket Calendar. Whether you use it for work, home, or both, a pocket calendar is still a smart tool to have, even in our hyper-connected 24/7 world. Why? Well, you don’t need to charge it for one thing, and it won’t distract you with invitations to play Candy Crush. No, when you reach for this, you’ll be focused on the task at hand: scheduling. And we think your customers, prospects, and employees are going to appreciate it for that very reason. We suspect they’ll also like the superior artistry and the quality leather-like cover. Opt for a weekly or monthly version and add a decorative gold or silver imprint on the cover.

nouveau pocket calendar3. Avalon Pocket Calendar. It’s easy for us to say how pocket calendars make awesome promotional products, but it’s much more persuasive when a “real” person says it, right? Here’s how one happy customer used her calendars (which are available with weekly or monthly inserts): “I ordered 300+ of these pocket calendars in gray for a conference (along with matching pens) and am so pleased with how they came out! This style is very professional and expensive looking. It is very hard to tell it’s not real leather, and the silver imprint is clear and even. I would very much recommend this product.”

avalon weekly pocket calendar4. Digital Pocket Calendar. Feeling creative? Want more control over your cover images? Your wish is our command. Use our design studio to create a custom look that will make a strong impression on your clients, employees, prospects, and more. Available in weekly or monthly versions.

digital weekly calendar5. Inspirational Thoughts Wall Calendar. We could all use a little inspiration from time to time. With this gorgeous wall calendar, you’ll get inspirational thoughts delivered up every month along with gorgeous photography. These are ideal for religious organizations and companies that are in the “boost people up” business, like coaches, personal trainers, and so forth. Opt for spiral or stitched binding and we’ll imprint your own uplifting message along the bottom.

inspirations wall calendar6. Gnu 7 x 10 Desk Calendar. Smartphone calendars are all well and good, but you have to squint to see them (provided your phone is all charged up!). And when you’re working on your computer or tablet, the last thing you want to do is fumble around for your calendar when you need to make an appointment. This 7 x 10-inch desk calendar avoids those technical pitfalls. Keep it open on your desk and take advantage of the large date blocks for easy planning, or fold it up and take it with you for your next meeting. The textured cover gives it added flair and serves as the perfect backdrop for your custom imprint.

gnu desk monthly calendar7. Quest Pocket Calendar. These pocket calendars have a unique two-tone cover design, giving it added panache, not to mention we foil stamp your organization’s name and logo (so it really stands out). These are popular products to hand out at trade shows, charity galas, and, as one happy customer noted, as part of employees’ end-of-year bonuses around Christmas. Choose weekly or monthly inserts.

quest monthly pocket calendar8. Clifton Duet Pocket Calendar. You’ve heard of two-for-one deals, right? Well, in this case, you get THREE for one! This cool product comes with a pen, notebook, and calendar. Plus, each calendar has a rich, two toned, suede-like stitched cover for added elegance. Available with weekly or monthly inserts.

duet weekly pocket calendar9. Easy Stick Calendar. What makes this calendar so special is the fact it can easily stick to a wall, door, cabinet, desk, fridge…you get the idea. It’s made from durable vinyl with a strong adhesive on the back, and there’s plenty of space for your custom message. As one happy customer shared, “We have been buying the Gold self-stick calendars for the past ten years or so and our customers stop at our office to request new ones every year.”

easy stick calendar10. Valoy Desk Calendar. This unique pop-up calendar is easy to take with you, thanks to the fact it’s pocket-sized. At the same time, the month-at-a-glance format makes it incredibly useful and ideal for people’s desks. Imprint with your custom message, and you’re good to go!

valoy desk calendarWhich one is your favorite? Share in the comments!

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