Pros and Cons of Sponsored Content Across Social Platforms

Sponsored content is leading the charge in efforts to think differently about brand awareness and social engagement. Users may balk at seeing their news feeds playing host to paid content, but when you consider the alternative, it’s a surprisingly elegant solution.

To put it simply, sponsored content can be a blog post, photo or video that is strategically placed in order to reach a wider audience. A sponsored news story might appear toward the top of Facebook news feeds, or a promoted tweet might be nestled neatly in between broadcasts from friends. In either case, this type of outreach represents a more intuitive and unobtrusive way to reach a wider audience.

There are quite a few options available right now from all of the leading social networks. Let’s take a look at what’s out there.
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5 Ways to Embrace Word of Mouth in the Digital Era

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The little black dress. Coca-Cola. The electric slide. These things are all classics, tried and true, integral parts of our culture in years past and just as important today. In the marketing world, amidst social media, blogs and TV and magazine advertisements, word of mouth marketing still reigns supreme as a classic marketing strategy you’d be foolish to overlook.

Why is word of mouth marketing so effective? Commercials and advertisements in magazines and on the radio may be a great way to generate awareness of your brand in the beginning, but target audiences aren’t identifying with them. People aged 18 through their late twenties have developed the ability to spot phony reviews when they see them. These people crave authenticity. They want a genuine message that inspires them, resonates with them and makes them think, “Yeah, I could go for this.”
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Creating Content on Facebook That Truly Drives Results

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Creating a Facebook account, collecting a few followers and broadcasting information is simple. It’s a great way to connect with the outside world and – as most professionals are aware – the network can be an excellent tool for building brand recognition and exposure.

However, creating content that is directly linked to measureable results can be a different matter. Far too often, business owners and social media professionals rely on the “throw it out and hope it works” method, instead of creating a social media strategy that revolves around results. When this is the methodology, success can be difficult to come by, if not impossible.
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Motion Graphics 101: Should They Be a Part of Your Marketing Mix?

Infographics have quickly become an often-used and highly-shared type of web content, as they make it easy to present complex ideas and statistics using clever data visualization. The evolution of this content type has led to the development of motion graphics, which offer an animated take on this popular means of communication. Just as infographics serve as a visually appealing way to present data, motion graphics take the concept a step further.

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