The Thankful Thoughts Facebook Contest

We’re thankful for our customers!

Last week, we asked our Facebook fans what they were thankful for. In return, we were offering the chance to win 1 of 10 custom personalized mugs imprinted with their thankful thoughts and full of delicious holiday mints. We were overwhelmed with the number of responses – it was tough to pick just 10! The winners have been notified and the mugs are on their way!

Custom Full Color Mugs

Here are some other thankful thoughts that didn’t make it on the mug…  I am thankful for:

  • Our American Soldiers!
  • Life
  • The ability to live in the Land of the FREE BECAUSE of the BRAVE
  • The love of family & friends!
  • My promo pens to give my grateful customers!!

Amsterdam Printing will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday on November 24th.  We would like to take this time to thank you all for being our customers! We look forward to working with you throughout the holiday season. We wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving!

Make My Logo Bigger! Super-Sized Laser Engraving Now Available for Select Pens

Companies purchase promotional products for various reasons, from brand awareness campaigns or new product launches to employee gifts and fundraising. Whatever the reason, customers want their logo/imprint to be BIG – it allows for their message to stand out and not get lost on a product.

When products are fairly small, such as engraved pens, the imprint area for their logo is often limited to 1/4 of an inch in height. In fact, only companies with horizontal logos didn’t feel the pain of imprint area limitations and could pull it off.  If the company logo was vertical, such as a lighthouse, it would only be 1/4 inch in height and even smaller in width.  These limitations have often resulted in customers requesting to see bigger imprints on the pens we offer.  (Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We do listen.)

We Now Have a Solution!

Our engineering team has worked tirelessly to address this limitation and recently came up with the solution!  Now, your imprint’s height can be three times bigger: the maximum has increased from 1/4″ to 3/4″. We now separate your imprint into 33 separate pieces, and laser-engrave it as we rotate the pen.  This sounds a bit complicated, but the results are beautiful:

Super-Size Laser Engraving on Ultima Pen. With and Without Super-size Option
Ultima Pen – with and without Super-size Engaving. Click to see detail.

Which pens have this option? 

Today, the following three pens can have the super-sized laser engraving:

  1. Delane Pens, item #41226
  2. Delane Comfort Grip Pens, item #42632
  3. Ultima Pens, item #42804  Continue reading “Make My Logo Bigger! Super-Sized Laser Engraving Now Available for Select Pens”

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How to Get Involved

Breast Cancer Awareness

Many lives have been touched by breast cancer. Whether it’s a dear friend, a relative or yourself, many of us are “aware” of the threat it causes 365 days a year. But in October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we all come together to show our support for those affected, to show that we care, and to unite together to fight it.

In the coming weeks, you’ll begin hearing about the local events, such as walks or runs, which benefit and raise awareness about breast cancer.  Participation in any of these events will help cancer research and awareness organizations greatly.  Awareness is the most significant factor in finding and treating any kind of cancer.

We are proud to say that Amsterdam Printing supports Breast Cancer Awareness! Simply look through our breast cancer awareness merchandise and you’ll see that we encourage you to get involved in any way possible! Continue reading “October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month: How to Get Involved”

Corporate Promotional Products – Now Search by Color!

Over the course of the year Steve Benidt, our Director of Sales and Public Relations, has visited dozens of our large customers all over the United States.

After spending weeks and weeks on the road and qualifying for more frequent flyer miles, Steve shared a lot of valuable information — specifically, how corporate clients, governmental institutions, and businesses shop for promotional products. He found that one of the most important attributes is the product color: it has to be similar to the corporate / branding colors.

It is not that UPS would never buy a promotional gift that is not brown (they have), but given the choice to browse products by color, customers are sure to take advantage.

We Launched New Product Search!

Last week, we updated our internal search tool to make your experience searching our website much easier.  Now, when you enter a product type (e.g., pens) into the search box we will offer you the option to filter by color!  Take a look at the screen-shot below (click to zoom).

New promotional products search

In addition, you can simply type in the word “blue” to see all of the products that are offered in blue!  Use other handy filters, like minimum quantity requirement, pricing and star rating, to ensure that you find the perfect corporate promotional product!

Give it a try today at and send us your feedback in the comments below!

A special thanks to You, our Valued Partner.

Dear Valued Partner;

Tim Broadhead - President of Amsterdam Printing
Tim Broadhead, President of Amsterdam Printing

I want to thank you for placing an order with us this past year and to wish you the very best both personally and professionally in 2011. Your order helped us keep our work force engaged in a difficult economic environment. Thanks to all of our customers, we’re emerging from the recession a stronger business.

You may be wondering why I addressed this letter to our “Valued Partners”. The answer is that we don’t only see our employees and vendors as partners, but we think of you, our loyal customers, as our partners. We are in this business to help you promote and grow your business. We know that if we help you extend your brand and market reach that we will grow with you.

To celebrate another successful business year and to thank our Valued Partners, we will be donating a total* of $10,000, distributed to the United Way and local food banks. The donation will be made on behalf of our Valued Partners – You, our loyal customers, our vendors and our employees.

Again, we greatly appreciate your business and wish you a happy holiday season.
Thank you,

Tim Broadhead


Amsterdam Printing


*The total donation of $10,000 is distributed as follows:

In the United States:
The United Way $2,500
Catholic Charities of Montgomery County $2,500
Family Service Association of Glens Falls, NY $2,500
In Canada:
Agape Center Food Bank $625
Cornwall SD&G OSPCA Animal Shelter $625
Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Cornwall District. INC. $625
Sparky’s SD&G $625

There Are No Such Things As Free Personalized Mugs

A few days ago, we invited some of our colleagues to try out our updated Design Studio for creating personalized mugs (we promised them we’d print one for free).  We use a digital process to personalize mugs, so, within an imprint area, anything goes:

  • Full-color wrap imprint (stock or upload your own)
  • Logo or a mascot
  • Photo, custom art, etc.

Real Goal: Usability of Our Design Studio

In reality, we observed our colleagues using the Design Studio, asked questions, & collected feedback…. We got lots of comments to improve our Design Studio even further!

I have to say, some people worked pretty hard for their free mug :)

Feedback collected for Full Color Design Studio
Feedback Sheet

What did our employees put on their mugs?  Check out the pictures below!

Personalized Mugs - Amsterdam Printing Personalized Mugs Personalized Full-color Mugs

Continuous Improvement Continue reading “There Are No Such Things As Free Personalized Mugs”

What to put on a pen? Here are some creative ideas…

Kindness Matters - personalized pen

Last week, we had concluded our “Vote For Pen” program, where we gave away 5000+ personalized pens for free in exchange for the vote (all are shipping today)!  The results are: the Entice pen won over the Ultima pen (pictured above): 77% compared to 23%!Ultima Pen vs Entice Pen

So, what kind of personalization did customers put on their pen?  See below to find out what you can do with a personalized pen!

Some people decided to save on a birthday gift:

Birthday Pen 1

Birthday Pen 2

Some put an inspirational quote on their pen:

Pen with Always Be Happy imprint

Continue reading “What to put on a pen? Here are some creative ideas…”