It’s in the Bag: Promotional Totes That Get the Job Done

earth tote bag
The great thing about promotional tote bags is that people can use them year-round: at the beach, back to school, and on those weekly trips to the grocery store. And let’s not overlook the fact they’re environmentally responsible to boot. Plus, tote bags provide plenty of room for your organization’s imprint or message (there’s nothing like a moveable billboard, right?).

Have you been thinking of ordering new promotional totes for your business (or maybe stocking up on them for the first time)? Wondering which ones to get? Here are eight of our favorites.
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Hydrate in Style: Promotional Drinkware That Sizzles

sunsplash tumblers
We’ll soon be heading into “it’s a scorcher out there” weather, which is why you should stock up on some stylish promotional drinkware to hand out to customers, prospects, and employees alike. Because what better way is there to get your name out at the beach, BBQs, and backyard fiestas?

Here are seven custom drinkware options that are sure to sizzle in the sun.
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Summer Promotional Products Roundup

Tips for Brainstorming by the PoolIt was a long, hard winter, but we are finally, thankfully on the other side. Memorial Day is right around the corner. With it comes those lazy, hazy days of summer and fabulous promotional products that celebrate the season while advertising your business as you relax by the pool.

Here are some of our top summer promotional product picks for 2014.
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How to Get Coverage in Print Media

Creating Strong Calls to Action

If you’re looking for a new way to promote your website, blog or digital product, then you may be feeling as though you’ve exhausted all of your available options online. Perhaps you’ve tried PPC marketing, social media marketing and releasing press releases to blogs and websites; and maybe you still feel as though you aren’t getting quite the attention that your business needs. Promoting yourself online may be a cheap and effective way to reach a lot of people, but it still means competing with a hug number of other bloggers/businesses/products who of course see all the same benefits that you do. Sometimes your marketing message can become something of a needle in a haystack…
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5 Tips to Ensure Your Email Marketing Avoids the Dreaded SPAM Folder

LinkedIn Cover Images for BrandsEmail marketing campaigns are a great way to grow your customer base and generate substantial return on investment. Of the available channels used to reach potential customers and current clients, from social media to cold calling, email marketing ranks at the top. In fact, studies show that “[e]mail averages a return on investment (ROI) of $40 for every $1 spent, far outstripping banner ads ($2) and keyword ads ($17).”

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9 Must-Have Promotional Products for Spring 2013

Must-Have Promotional Products

Spring is in the air – finally! And that means it’s time to unveil some exciting promotional products, ones that are bound to add a dose of sunshine to your marketing efforts.

1. LED Light Pen with Carabiner
Light, pen, AND carabiner? Three-in-one promo products for the win! Bonus: plenty of imprint space for your logo or message. Can you say “winner”?

LED light pen and carabiner

2. Paper Clip Tumbler
Finally, an efficient and super cute way to store paper clips! No more groping around in desk drawers or “borrowing” a handful from the mail room. Now, your customers, prospects, and employees can store their paperclips in a stylish tumbler.

paper clip tumbler
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