PR Tips: Feeling Tongue-tied? 9 Tips for Talking to the Press

Hiring a Marketing Consultant
A reporter just called wanting to get your take on a big industry trend. This could be a great moment for you and your company. Problem is, you’re worried about sounding like a moron. Never fear—that’s why we’re here! Below, you’ll find tips for talking to the press and prepping for interview nirvana.
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The Secret Sauce to Using Customer FAQs in Your Content Marketing

About pages for websites tell stories
You know all those frequently asked questions you get about your business? There’s a gold mine of content in the answers—content you can repurpose throughout all of your marketing initiatives. Here’s how.
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6 Social Media Tips for Stressed-Out Business Owners

It’s no longer a question about whether your business should be on social media. It’s now a question about how to get the biggest bang from your buck (and admittedly limited time). Here are some important social media tips, several of which you can start putting to use right away.
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Small Business Tips: When Should You Fire Yourself?

small business tipsOK, you might be wondering what the heck we mean by our headline. After all, if you’re the boss, you’d never “fire” yourself, right? Not so fast. It’s because you’re the boss that you might need to remove yourself from certain tasks.

Here are five signs to watch out for…
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Networking Tips for the Shy & Tongue-Tied Entrepreneur

It’s easy to think all entrepreneurs are outgoing folks who love to gab about what they do, but that’s not always the case. Some of us stress, sweat, and stumble, especially in a room full of people we’re supposed to be networking with. If this describes you, don’t worry. Know you’re not alone, and follow some of these networking tips to help yourself feel more at ease.
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Small Business Marketing Tips: Best of 2014

While you sip your eggnog and get ready to count down the remaining hours of 2014, we thought we’d take a look back at all the content we shared over the last year on our blog. Let’s just say there was A LOT for us to look at.

Some people might wonder why a promotional products company like Amsterdam Printing even has a blog. And some might wonder why we talk about marketing and sales topics, instead of focusing strictly on our products.
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Small Business Marketing Made Easy!

We like to keep things simple around here. So when we heard about a great way to help save money and time for your business—we HAD to share! Would you get excited if we told you could create, print and mail all your advertising in one place?

We know marketing and advertising can be so expensive. We are always looking for ways to save money ourselves.

If you have mailing and advertising needs, EDDM2go (Every Door Direct Mail) allows you to reach every household or every household and business by USPS carrier route for a reduced postage rate. Everything is done online. If your business depends on sales from specific neighborhoods, then EDDM2Go could be the perfect fit for your business. According to Biz Report, up to 85% of a store’s customers come from a 5-mile radius. So think local!
It is really easy.
1. Create EDDM postcards & flyers with easy-to-customize free templates
2. Select carrier routes with EDDM Map Tool
3. Save tons of money on postage! And it’s so fast— all printing, processing, and mailing can happen within 5 days!

Watch this video to see just how easy it is!

Did you know? 98% of people check their mailbox and bring it in every day and 77% sort through it immediately. Direct mail will get their attention!

Source: USPS Survey

More Targeted Approach
Or maybe it makes sense for your business to make a more targeted approach. Maybe you are looking only for individuals with certain characteristics, like age or income. DirectMail2Go can you help you with that too.

  1. Upload your design or use a template design from a large gallery of options
  2. Upload your mailing list or rent one
  3. All of the postage and fulfillment is completed in one central place

For all your advertising and mailing needs, from printing, postage & prep look to EDDM2go or DirectMail2go. It’s really that EASY, see for yourself!