Marketing Tips: What You Can Learn from the Big Game’s Best Commercials

superbowl_2.4.14Well, it’s another Big Game down in the books! While many people will be talking about their favorite commercials around the water cooler today—ones that made them laugh, cry, or go “What the heck?”—we thought we’d share five commercials and discuss the valuable lessons small business owners can apply to their own marketing.
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Email Marketing Tips: 6 Things All Successful Email Newsletters Have in Common

Email Marketing Tips

Your email newsletter provides a great opportunity to connect with current customers, past customers, and prospects. But not all email newsletters are made equal. Let’s talk about the things all successful ones have in common.

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Infographics 101: Should They Be Part of Your Marketing Mix?

Infographics 101

What They Are, Why They Matter, & How To Use (and Not Use) Them

Infographics—this word combines “information” and “graphics” to form a marketing term you’ve probably heard bandied about. The question is this: should infographics be part of your marketing mix? In this post, we’ll examine what they are, why they matter, how to use them effectively, and mistakes to avoid when creating and using them.

What is an infographic?
An infographic is an image collage that communicates things like statistics, compelling points, and other data that’s meant to educate and inform.

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4 Types of Logos That Rock (And Why)

Types of Logos That Rock

You’ll find plenty of blog posts that highlight a random selection of effective logo designs, but we thought we’d shake things up a bit and highlight types of logo designs that are effective and why. This will help you as you work on your own company’s branding efforts.

For the purpose of this post, we’re going to select one company logo that represents each “type” we’re discussing. From there, we’ll reference the many other logos out there that fall under this type.

Let’s get to it!

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10 Tips for Writing Engaging Product Descriptions

Writing Engaging Product Descriptions

Getting ready to add new/seasonal products to your online store as you head into September? Make sure you pay proper attention to the product descriptions. Compelling descriptions should engage the customer, solidify your brand’s voice, and include keywords. Here are some tips for making sure you do all that.

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Brand Management Part 2: Brand Identities That Rock! (And Why)

Brand Identities That Rock!

In our last post, we discussed what to keep in mind when considering a brand overhaul. In this post, we’ll highlight six companies that are rocking their brands.

1. Target
Who knew shopping at a national discount chain could make a person feel hip and cool? target bullseyeSince its official founding in 1962, Target has been building on this message. And yes, the iconic bullseye has been around just as long, which is great for building brand recognition (and made even cuter by the addition of Target’s official brand ambassador in 1999, the dog lovingly named Bullseye).

What’s interesting is hearing the reasoning behind this powerful visual. Target’s corporate site includes a quote from the team that created the logo, “As a marksman’s goal is to hit the center bulls-eye, the new store would do much the same in terms of retail goods, services, commitment to the community, price, value and overall experience.”

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