Entrepreneur Tips: 6 Reasons You Should Publish a Book Now!

Want to be a Thought Leader?
Oh, if you could only get all the awesome ideas you have floating around in your head on paper and make a book out of it. Wait a minute! With digital publishing, you can.

Here are six reasons why you should seriously put together a book this summer and launch it in the fall.
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Building Customer Loyalty – Tips from the Front lines

asking customers for testimonials
A popular marketing adage goes like this: it’s easier (and cheaper) to get your current customers to buy from you than it is to go out and get new customers. And not only do our best and most loyal customers tend to regularly buy from us; they also tend to be the best referral network a small business can have.

But how can a small business owner get to this point? What are the best ways to build and nurture customer loyalty?

Below you’ll hear from some real small business owners about their experiences with keeping their customers happy and loyal.
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7 Signs You Need a Website Makeover

time to outsource your marketing
Your website: it’s the face of your business. For some, it’s an accompaniment to a brick-and-mortar store, and for others, it IS the store, albeit a virtual one. You’ll be hard pressed to find many successful businesses, large or small, that don’t have a website today.

That said, simply having a website isn’t enough. It needs to reflect your brand. It needs to be user friendly. It needs to invite people in, rather than scare them off.

So how do you know if your website is doing all those things? How can you determine whether it’s time for a makeover? If your website is guilty of any of the “sins” we discuss below, then the answer is NOW.
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It’s in the Bag: Promotional Totes That Get the Job Done

earth tote bag
The great thing about promotional tote bags is that people can use them year-round: at the beach, back to school, and on those weekly trips to the grocery store. And let’s not overlook the fact they’re environmentally responsible to boot. Plus, tote bags provide plenty of room for your organization’s imprint or message (there’s nothing like a moveable billboard, right?).

Have you been thinking of ordering new promotional totes for your business (or maybe stocking up on them for the first time)? Wondering which ones to get? Here are eight of our favorites.
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Should I Offer Free Shipping? Weighing the Pros and Cons

Hiring a Marketing ConsultantWe all know how powerful the words “free shipping” can be to consumers. In fact, this report suggests that online shoppers are more likely to respond to free shipping offers than price discounts. And this infographic is full of compelling points as well, including these two gems: people buy more when they’re offered free shipping, and more than one third of online shoppers would NOT make a purchase without free shipping.

But is it a smart strategy for your business? Here’s some food for thought.
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Marketing Tips: What You Can Learn from the Big Game’s Best Commercials

superbowl_2.4.14Well, it’s another Big Game down in the books! While many people will be talking about their favorite commercials around the water cooler today—ones that made them laugh, cry, or go “What the heck?”—we thought we’d share five commercials and discuss the valuable lessons small business owners can apply to their own marketing.
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Are You Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn for Business?

Unleash the Power of this Social Network

Get the Most Out of LinkedIn for Business

Back in the “old days” (like, five years ago), LinkedIn was simply a place to connect with people and look for jobs. But like all the other social media networks, it’s evolved a lot over the last several years, and with impressive results. Social Media Today cites a report from this past October showing that “LinkedIn drives significantly more traffic to corporate websites than all the other social platforms combined.”

So the question is this: are you getting the most out of LinkedIn for your business? Here are six things to consider.

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