Content Marketing 101: What to Ask a Content Creator

Writing Engaging Product Descriptions
They go by many names: freelance writer, copywriter, content strategist, and content creator. Basically, this person provides the words that define your business, which is why you need to make sure he or she is up to snuff and knows more than simply how to punctuate and use “who” or “whom” correctly.
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Website Tips: Is Your Contact Page Working Hard Enough?

Tips for Keeping Data SafeAfter the home page, the contact page is often one of the most viewed pages on a business website. It makes sense, since people are often looking for a phone number, address, or other contact info. But this leads to a question: how compelling is your contact page? Is it just a form, phone number, and little else? If you said yes, then you’re wasting precious viewing time.

Here’s how to take your contact page from blah, blah, blah to totally compelling.
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Have We Reached the Content Marketing Saturation Point?

blog ideas
Earlier this year, social media guru Mark Schaefer coined the phrase “content shock” and made a compelling argument that content marketing is not a sustainable strategy for businesses. Only brands with deep pockets will be able to ride the content tsunami wave, he reasons, because only they will be able to afford the increasingly high costs involved with “paying” people to consume their content. (We recommend you check out the article. It’s a great read.)

Schaefer makes many excellent points, and we definitely hear what he’s saying. But before you panic and think it’s impossible for small businesses to compete with big brands with even bigger pockets, let’s take a step back and tell you how we see things:
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Website Tips: 6 Ways to Make Your Team Bio Pages More Readable & Fun

Is Your Business Mobile Ready?
If your website visitors take the time to look at your “About” section, specifically your team/management page, it’s probably because they’re curious about the people behind the company. Maybe they want to get a better sense of people’s credentials. Maybe they want to put faces with names. Maybe they’re hoping to get a “feel” if your company is the right fit. In other words, your team page matters and should be compelling.

So, be honest: how interesting, informative, and real are your team bios? Do they read like an enlightening feature story, one that will make people go “THIS is someone I want to work with?” Or do they read like tedious corporate copy laced with endless jargon?

Yeah, we thought so. :) Don’t worry. If your team bios are suffering from the blues, here are six ideas that’ll spruce them up in no time.
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