Employee Motivation Ideas: Think “Sun” Days

enjoy vacations in luxury hotel with swimming pool
No doubt, most—if not all—of your employees will be taking vacations this summer. While vacations are important, how often have you heard people complain that they need a vacation from their vacation after they return? (This is especially true when kids are involved.)

“Sun” days, on the other hand, involve devoting a day—or even just a part of a day—to activities designed to get employees outside in Mother Nature so that they can relax and soak up some all-important Vitamin D. This will help folks re-charge their batteries so that they’re prepared to finish out the day or week with a motivational bang.

Here are 11 sun day ideas. Do some or do them all—the choice is yours. Continue reading “Employee Motivation Ideas: Think “Sun” Days”

8 Company Mascot Ideas that Will Engage Customers

Whether your company mascot is fictional (Mr. Clean, the Michelin man) or real (the office pooch), your company mascot is a great way to personalize your business and engage customers.

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