7 Ways Marketing and Paranormal Investigations Are Alike

7 Ways Marketing and Paranormal Investigations Are Alike

It’s almost Halloween! We thought we’d get into the spirit by sharing our take on how marketing and paranormal investigations are alike.

1. Research, research, research. If you watch any paranormal investigation shows on TV, you know they learn about the place before they begin their investigation. Often, they get a tour of the grounds from someone “in the know” to get some background and history. This provides context for the investigators and some clues as to why the property might be haunted.

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Revamping Your Business for Halloween

Halloween is one of those rare holidays that crosses religious and political lines. It also shatters any myth of an age barrier. While one may be too old to go trick-or-treating once they start shaving, you can find a slew of 20-somethings to senior citizens celebrating this holiday in their own way. The holiday is also one of the most celebrated online, bringing a wide range of people to social networks to share costume pics, stories, to participate in the season’s fare, and much more.

Listed below are a few tips to help your Facebook campaign take off like a bat this Halloween. So throw on a costume, break out the candy corn, and start that wolfman marathon. It’s time to start celebrating the season.
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Content Marketing Strategy: 6 Tips for Brainstorming Awesome Ideas by the Pool

Tips for Brainstorming by the Pool

Sometimes the easiest way to come up with fresh content ideas for your business newsletter, blog, website, and more is to unplug and get out of the office. So grab a pad of paper (yes, really!) and follow these six brainstorming tips, and you’ll have a bunch of fresh content ideas in no time.

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Quick Recipe for a Cool Labor Day Promotion

Recipe for a Labor Day Promotion

Could someone please tell us how it got to be the last week of July already? We wouldn’t be surprised if stores like Walmart had Christmas trees up in two weeks (OK, we jest, but only slightly).

While we were sitting around the Amsterdam Printing campfire thinking up new blog topics to inspire savvy business folks like you, we realized there’s a holiday on the calendar that not many businesses build promotions around: Labor Day. And we think it’s a lost opportunity, one you can capitalize on.

So here’s a quick, cost-effective recipe for a cool Labor Day promotion that you can put together now and have ready to go before the calendar flips to September.

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Business Mentoring 101: What It Is, Why It Matters, And What’s Involved in Setting Up a Program

Business Mentoring 101

When we listen to or read about successful business people, from GE’s Jack Welch to Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, we often hear them mention and thank the mentors they had along their journeys to greatness. In some ways, mentoring sounds like a magical thing, something the business fairy sprinkles over worthy subjects. But the concept of providing counsel and guidance to others has a long and storied history. In fact, the term “mentoring” derives from The Odyssey, where Mentor served as an advisor to Telemachus, Odysseus’s son.

All that said, what exactly is business mentoring and just how effective is it? Are there different types of mentoring, and, if so, what should your organization consider? This post will attempt to answer some of these questions.

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Where’d the Time Go? 7 Time Management Strategies that Get the Job Done!

Time Management Strategies

As we head into summer and become busy with BBQs, the beach, and some much-deserved time off, we can also get a little stressed thinking about everything that needs to get done…even when we’d rather be out playing and having fun. The key, of course, is working smarter, not harder and learning to manage our time better (instead of it managing us). Here are some strategies that will help you do just that.

1. Delegate, delegate, delegate. This can be hard—at first!—for business owners who feel especially close to every aspect of their business. But in order to reclaim some time for yourself (and, by extension, for your friends and family), it’s important to let go. Consider outsourcing certain tasks, giving your employees more responsibilities, or implementing a summer internship program. One important note: when you delegate, it’s critical to let people do the task at hand, even if they complete the task in a different manner than you would have done it. As long as it’s not wrong, let it go and don’t interfere.

2. Create a summer schedule. Maybe you close at noon on Fridays or you don’t come in until 10 on Mondays. Even if you don’t use this new-found time to play hooky, you could use the time to complete the projects you normally struggle to finish and that spill over into your weekends.

3. Stay organized. Today’s smart phones, of course, include calendar options, but there’s still something special about a physical personal organizer and custom calendars custom pocket calendars(like the one pictured) that you can open, touch, and see (and take pleasure crossing off tasks and blocking off times for fun activities).
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