Anatomy of a Strong Mobile Website: 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Is Your Business Mobile Ready?
Over the last year and a half, we’ve (gently) alerted small business owners that they need to jump on the mobile bandwagon and develop a mobile site (or have plans to do so very soon).

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Email Marketing – How Much is Too Much?

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It’s appropriate that we’re posting this article as we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the biggest shopping days of the year and a time when we’re all inundated with messages, reminders, and offers in our inboxes.
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7 Signs You Need a Website Makeover

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Your website: it’s the face of your business. For some, it’s an accompaniment to a brick-and-mortar store, and for others, it IS the store, albeit a virtual one. You’ll be hard pressed to find many successful businesses, large or small, that don’t have a website today.

That said, simply having a website isn’t enough. It needs to reflect your brand. It needs to be user friendly. It needs to invite people in, rather than scare them off.

So how do you know if your website is doing all those things? How can you determine whether it’s time for a makeover? If your website is guilty of any of the “sins” we discuss below, then the answer is NOW.
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Mobile Commerce Trends & Why Small Businesses Should Care

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Seven and a half years ago, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone. Since then, smartphone adoption has grown exponentially and doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, Smart Business Trends reports that smartphone subscriptions worldwide will reach 5.6 billion by 2019. As of January 2014, the PewResearch Internet Project reported that 90% of American adults own a cell phone and 58% have a smartphone.

These mobile phone owners use their phones for many of their day-to-day tasks as well, including email, social media, and—yes—shopping (at the exclusion of other devices such as desktop computers). According to Business Insider, on Black Friday 2013, “sales on mobile devices accounted for more than 20% of U.S. e-commerce spending. Traffic from mobile was even bigger, accounting for almost 40% of total online shopping visits that day.”

Need more evidence that mobile is where it’s at? Smartphone owners are redeeming coupons received on their phones (and doing so faster than expected). More email is read on mobile devices than on desktops. And mobile payments are being heralded as THE way of the future (a future that’s already started for many). According to Merchant Warehouse, “Mobile-based transactions in the U.S. have grown 118% per year on average for the last five years.”

So what do all these mobile commerce trends mean for the small business owner? Here’s what you should keep in mind.
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Mobile Marketing 101: Strategies for Riding the Mobile Wave

Mobile Marketing Tips & Tricks
Last year, we wrote a detailed article about making sure your website is mobile ready. But the truth is that’s just one step you need to take in order to effectively ride the mobile wave (a wave that won’t be crashing any time soon).

Here are seven strategies to consider.
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About Those “Other” Social Networks: Should You Use Tumblr & Instagram for Business?

We’ve talked at great lengths about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ on our blog. But there are other vibrant and growing social networks in town that may make sense for your small business, most notably Tumblr and Instagram.
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5 Things You Can Learn from Ridiculously Addictive Games

addictivegames_2.18.14Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, Robot Unicorn Attack 2—the list goes on and on, and we bet if you own a smartphone and you’re completely honest with us, you’ve been sucked into a game or two over the last year. (Am I right?)

What can you learn from these highly addictive games when it comes to running your business? Sit back and enjoy the ride, because we’re about to tell you.

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