9 Must-Have Promotional Products for Travel

When you’re preparing for a trip, whether it is for business or pleasure, you want to pack your bags in the most efficient way possible.  There are many travel promotional products available that can help reduce the stress of packing and traveling.

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Let’s start with the basics.

7 Fresh Fundraising Ideas for Fall

Fundraising - Raffle
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Fall is a terrific time for fundraisers—right between the lazy days of summer and the frenzy of the holidays. If your non-profit’s fundraising strategy needs a bit of a shakeup, you might want to give these fresh ideas a try:

  1. Try a fundraising event that requires little or no investment, like a car wash or yard cleanups around the neighborhood.
  2. Consider selling items that consumers buy anyway, like candles, chocolate, or holiday wrapping paper (it’s never too early!).
  3. Organize a raffle for a high-value item, like an iPad or a TV. You could even ask a local vendor to donate a prize in exchange for advertising. For a more integrated campaign, consider giving away custom stylus pens with that vendor’s logo (which are perfect for use with an iPad)!
  4. Take advantage of the beautiful fall weather by organizing a fun run or walk and charge an entrance fee. Offer entrants custom t-shirts or caps to make sure everyone who sees them knows which cause they’re walking for!  Continue reading “7 Fresh Fundraising Ideas for Fall”