Top 7 Laser Engraved Pens You Need to Try!

When you need a quality, high-class promotional item that will leave a lasting impression—laser engraved pens are a great budget friendly choice. In our previous post, we outlined the top reasons to choose a laser engraved pen. In this post, we will show you some of our favorites.

Here’s the round-up of our Top 7 trending engraved pens:
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Top 5 Reasons the Laser Engraved Pen is a First Class Promotion!

engraved pens

You want to order pens for your business, but there are just so many options out there! You may be overwhelmed. Well, we are here to break it down for you. Our favorite type of pen is the laser engraved pen, and so many of our customers agree. Here’s why:
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Top 22 Creative Ways to Use Your Promotional Pens


Here at Amsterdam Printing, we LOVE pens. And we offer so many styles in pens from Stylus Pens, Stylus Penlights and even Plastic Pens, and each pen can be used in so many ways!

Recently, we received a nice letter from a pilot thanking us for our Boardroom Stylus Penlight. He is a flight instructor and he was saying that many of his pilots use tablets to store the required publications and navigation aids, so the stylus was perfect for them. He also said that the ballpoint on the pen can be used to copy their clearance while flying. A pilot and his students finding all of these uses for our Boardroom Stylus penlight—who knew?

Well that got us thinking, there are probably so many uses for our pens, so we did some exploring and we came up with the top 22 unique ways to use your promotional pens.
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7 Reasons You NEED to Shop at

#2 Infographic 2

With all of the uses for promotional products, now is a great time to stock up. They are great for trade shows, creating awareness, giveaways, advertising and more!

And when you’re shopping for your promos, use Not only do we have great prices, but we have a top rated site. Recently Apruval rated 50 promotional product sites and we scored a 92% out of 100!

Here are the top reasons to show
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The Low Down on Lanyards


More and more companies are requiring their employees to have photo identification with them at all times. As a result, we are seeing more demand for custom lanyards. They are great to hold badges, ID’s  or even keys. And they are a must have item for tradeshows or conventions. We see professionals across so many different industries purchasing lanyards. With the versatility and advertising potential of the lanyard, it’s easy to see why they are so popular.
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Ready, Set, GO! Get Those Healthy Goals Back on Track!

It’s mid-February already, so we’d thought we check in to see how those New Year’s resolutions are going? Not so great, yeah we hear you! Well we have some good news. We have some awesome items that will help you stay on track all year long to keep your wellness goals in check.

Here are 7 of our favorites.
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