6 Tips for Evaluating the Competitive Landscape

Crowdfunding 101
It’s important to understand what your competitors do right and wrong, since you’ll want to avoid their mistakes while taking their marketing “wins” to the next level.

Here are six strategies for effectively evaluating the competitive landscape.
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How to Ask Customers for Reviews (without Annoying Them)

Entrepreneur Mind Games
Your customers just paid for your products or services, so asking them to do one more thing, like leaving a review, might feel like too much. But it’s important to keep in mind that reviews matter. And happy customers don’t mind giving them. Continue reading “How to Ask Customers for Reviews (without Annoying Them)”

Web Usability 101: A Helpful Q&A

2014 Marketing Plans: What Real Businesses Are Doing

Today, every business—large and small—needs to have a website. But not just any website; it should be one that’s easy for visitors to use.

So let’s talk about web usability. What should small business owners keep in mind as they launch a new site or revamp their existing one?

We turned to our in-house web usability experts, Amsterdam Printing’s User Experience (UX) team. The team consists of smart, creative people who work hard to make sure the Amsterdam website looks and runs great.

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